Faking out the Foodies

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Food prank!

“Idiot Foodies Pranked Into Lovin’ McDonalds”
by Tara McGinley
Dangerous Minds
October 22, 2014

mcdonalds-happy-meal-mascotTwo Dutch pranksters from Life Hunters TV decided to hit up the annual culinary food convention in Houten to see if they could deceive foodies and “high-end food experts” with their supposed restaurant”™s new “organic” alternatives to fast food. All these two guys did was go to a local McDonald”™s to buy some artery cloggin”™ fixins, chopped up the Mickey D”™s into neat little squares and then stuck some toothpicks into the food. That”™s all.

So were the foodies impressed with this duo”™s new line of organic fast food? You betcha! One “expert” remarked:

“I feel some warmth releasing in my mouth. There a lot of different tastes!”

Yes and all of those different tastes swirling around your palette have names that sound like something you heard in chemistry class”¦

You”™ll be pleased to know that at least one of the “experts” tasting the McDonald”™s fare thinks it:

“Tastes like chicken.”

Several thought it tasted even better than “real” McDonald”™s!

Watch the video: Before hitting “play” on this video, please click on “settings” and then select “subtitles.”