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  • Albert Cahn [ 1 post(s) ]

    Albert Cahn is a Senior at Brandeis University where he is majoring in politics and philosophy.
  • André [ 10 post(s) ]

    André Gattolin is an independent researcher based in Paris and working on hybrid activism and unconventional forms of communication. A former research and marketing manager in media companies, he has concurrently contributed to the development of various contestational and underground movements against commercial propaganda. He regularly publishes essays on these subjects in Multitudes (a French critical review) and on alternative websites ( & He is currently preparing a Phd at the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle on how hoaxes penetrate and modify the mediascape practices in Europe and in North America.
  • Andrew Boyd [ 11 post(s) ]

    Andrew Boyd is an author, humorist, and a 20-year veteran of creative campaigns for social change. As "Phil T. Rich," he was Schmoozer-In-Chief of the 2004 media sensation "Billionaires for Bush." He has written a few books, including two books of "serious" humor published by W. W. Norton: "Daily Afflictions" and "Life's Little Deconstruction Book." He's at work on two others: "Wherever You Go, They're Already There," about the ironies of adventure travel when there's no elsewhere anymore; and "Enlightned Machismo," about the odd challenges men face in a "post-feminist" world. His writing has appeared in The Nation, The Village Voice,, and elsewhere. For part of his bread and butter he does trainings and speaking engagments at campuses and conferences across the country. For another part, he's a founding partner in Ruckus Productions, a "subvertising" agency specializing in cutting edge New Media support for environmental & social justice campaigns. Last year he co-produced "The Oil Enforcement Agency," a mini-mockumentary on global warming (think Inconvenient Truth meets Spinal Tap). He lives in Brooklyn with his wee laptop.
  • Ask The Fiddler [ 32 post(s) ]

    The Fiddler is a psychic journalist specializing in intuitive news reports that have, on rare occasions, coincided with real world events. He is perhaps best known, though not particularly well, for his translations of Icelandic runes into Hebrew. In his spare time he has assembled a stunning gallery of natural geologic images resembling the face of Richard Nixon in profile. As to his qualifications as a lifestyle advisor, he has counseled a number of troubled celebrities. Most are currently in rehab. In the words of one client: \"If you take advice from The Fiddler, you need advice.\"
  • Beauvais Lyons [ 2 post(s) ]

    Beauvais Lyons is a Professor of Art at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the United States since 1985 where he teaches printmaking. Lyons received his MFA degree from Arizona State University in 1983 and his BFA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1980. See his web site for information on his projects as a fake curator through the Hokes Archives. Lyons\"™ one-person exhibitions have been presented at over 40 museums and galleries, including recent exhibitions at EyeDrum in Atlanta, Georgia; Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee; Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia; and Nowy Oficia Gallery, Gdansk, Poland. He has published articles about print theory and pedagogy in Contemporary Impressions and Printmaking Today, about art censorship in American Universities in the Art Journal and about his studio work in Archaeology and The Chronicle of Higher Education. His prints are in the collections of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia. PA, and the Tennessee State Museum. He has been active with the Southern Graphics Council, serving as President, Editor of Graphic Impressions, and helping to organize their conferences in 1992 and 1995 in Knoxville and 2002 in New Orleans. In 2002 he received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznañ, Poland and coordinated the IMPACT 4 International Printmaking Conference in Berlin and Poznañ in September 2005.
  • Charlie Todd [ 84 post(s) ]

    Charlie Todd is a New York based actor, comedian, and prankster. He is the founder of Improv Everywhere, a New York prank collective that has been profiled by The New York Times, SPIN Magazine, and Rolling Stone (where his work was named "Hot Comedy" in the Hot List Issue 2005). Charlie has given interviews about his pranks to news outlets around the world including The Guardian in London, German Public Radio, and NHK TV in Japan. He brought Improv Everywhere to Aspen, Colorado in 2006 as part of HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival. Charlie is a teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where he has written, performed, and directed comedy for the past five years. He has created many shows at the UCBT including PAID PROGRAMMING, FOUND ON CRAIGSLIST, and THE MP3 EXPERIMENT (all of which were Time Out New York critic's picks). He currently performs at the theatre every Saturday with the house team Reuben Williams and every Thursday with the UCBW, a ridiculous wrestling league he created. Charlie has made appearances on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN, BEST WEEK EVER and VH1's 40 GREATEST PRANKS. He has worked on pilots for ABC and TBS, and he will soon appear in the THIS AMERICAN LIFE pilot on Showtime. Charlie was named one of the "10 Funniest People You've Never Heard Of" by New York Magazine.
  • Dadara [ 4 post(s) ]

    Dadara (1969) is an Amsterdam based artist, who got known beginning of the nineties by designing lots of flyers and record covers internationally for the then burgeoning house music scene. Most of the time he is painting, but apart from making animations, designing baby-shaped loudspeakers and campaigns for Greenpeace, he also occasionally builds huge boats, which he ships to the States from Amsterdam to burn in the desert, or big pink tanks on roofs, which he blows up with explosives. Always fighting against the new Superhero of our society: the Greyman, who between 9 and 5 combats all that's colorful and creative. Dadara erected a 9 metres high statue for this anti-hero in his hometown: The Statue of No Liberty.
  • David Moye [ 3 post(s) ]

    David Moye is Senior Editor of Wireless Flash News Service, a pop culture news agency specializing in weird news. He believes in coming up with a story and than finding someone to parrot his point.
  • David Strom [ 8 post(s) ]

    David Strom is one of the leading experts on network and Internet technologies and has written extensively on the topic for nearly 20 years for a wide variety of publications, including holding several editorial management positions for both print and online properties. He was the former editor-in-chief for Tom's and Network Computing magazines, and has appeared on the Fox TV News Network, NPR's Science Friday radio program, ABC-TV's World News Tonight and CBS-TV's Up to the Minute news broadcasts. He is also the author of two computer-related books.
  • Dino D'Annibale [ 4 post(s) ]

    Dino is very good at writing bullshit about himself in the third person in order to give the appearance of an unsolicited quasi Bio and partial list of highlights, amazing accomplishments and other random unverifiable bullshit in order to subtlety impress the reader without being so obviously disingenuous as to illicit a question of its voracity. An alumnus of the Betty Ford Treatment Center in Palm Springs, California, Dino is currently in the Witness Protection Program. Dino is very active in the community and is a member of several organizations including, Charter Member of the People who Hate People Party (he has spent the last eight years painstakingly trying to arrange a party member meeting); Bullshit Detector Owners Group; and Lesbians Trapped in Men\"™s bodies, to name a few. Dino enjoys reading Camus, long walks on the beach and sushi. Turnoffs: Virgo's, kids who scream at the theater, Espadrilles with black socks.
  • Doug Harvey [ 2 post(s) ]

    Since graduating with an MFA in painting from UCLA in 1994, Doug Harvey has written extensively about the Los Angeles and International art scenes and other aspects of popular culture, primarily as the art critic for LA WEEKLY, the largest circulation free weekly newspaper in America, and Art issues, the highly respected LA-based journal of art and contemporary culture, which ceased publication in 2002. His writing has also appeared in Art in America, The New York Times, Modern Painter, ArtReview, and numerous other publications. He has written museum and gallery catalogue essays for Jim Shaw, Jeffrey Vallance, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Hawkinson, Lari Pittman, Georganne Deen, Margaret Keane, Big Daddy Roth, Thomas Kinkade and many others. Harvey's curatorial projects have ranged from many traditional gallery exhibitions (including the October 2005 First Annual LA Weekly Biennial: State of Emergence at Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles and the forthcoming Aspects of Mel's Hole at Santa Ana's Grand Central Art Center) to CD compilations of sound art, programs of found and experimental films, performance events, experimental radio, artist's comic books and zines (including Less Art which continues to be published sporadically, and is currently being transformed into a cable access television series), and an LA solo gallery exhibit determined by raffle. He has also been part of the curatorial collective creating the exhibition content and design at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, CA. Mr. Harvey also continues to maintain an active art career, exhibiting his visual art (painting-based multimedia) locally and internationally, and participating in international experimental sound, radio, and filmmaking communities. He lives and works in Los Angeles.
  • Erin Clermont [ 2 post(s) ]

    Erin Clermont, seen here in front of her winter palace, is a writer and jack-of-all-trades editor. Since 1991 she has been an online host of Echo's Movies and TV Conference. Weigh in on the The Great Fargo Debate.
  • Ethan Persoff [ 2 post(s) ]

    Ethan Persoff is a Austin TX-based sound artist and cartoonist, known best for his SPREE recordings, his comic book collaboration with Al Columbia (POGOSTICK, Fantagraphics Books), and for his series of TEDDY stories. He maintains a widely read Internet archive of unique and obscure "government comics", "drug comics" and other "comics with problems", and is currently assembling an archive of the entire 146 issue run of Paul Krassner's classic and important The Realist magazine. He can be reached at and at
  • Homer Fink [ 3 post(s) ]

    Homer Fink likes to refer to himself as "Publisher, Altruist, AMERICAN". He claims to have "been a blogger before there was blogging", a reference to the fact that The Fink File, which started as a fanzine in 1991 has been on the web in one way or another since the mid-90s. Fink also tried podcasting for "one hot minute" but quickly grew bored with it. "It's like having another job, feh!" Fink also alleges to have been part of the roadcrew for the late 80s punk band Enema Priest, but no documentation of that can be found. Fink continues to publish The Fink File, but is now spending more time on his "serious" effort, Brooklyn Heights Blog. He's also the capo of Brigate Bocce, a bocce team in the FloydNY league. Additional Link: Podcast:
  • John Lundberg [ 7 post(s) ]

    John Lundberg is an artist and filmmaker. He founded the arts collective Circlemakers in the early 1990s and has been creating crop circles all over the world ever since. More info can be found at and
  • Jorge Luis Marzo [ 7 post(s) ]

    Jorge Luis Marzo (Barcelona, Spain). Art Historian and Curator, writer and professor. Last projects: Mobile Culture (LABoral, 2010); The Baroque D_efect (CCCB, 2010); Low-Cost (FAD, 2009); Political Ads. The Spectacle of Democracy (Palau de la Virreina, 2008). Recent Publications: Political Ads. The Spectacle of Democracy (Turner, 2008); Modern Art and Franquism. Conservative Origins of Avantgarde and Art Politics in Spain (Fundación Espais, 2008); Photography and Social Acitivism (Gustavo Gili, 2006); Me, Mycell and I. Technology, Mobility and Social Life (Fundació Tàpies, 2003). Professor at Elisava/University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.
  • Kate McCamy [ 14 post(s) ]

    Kate McCamy was raised in lower Manhattan by bohemian artist parents and grew up surrounded by creative minds. She has worked in film and theatre all her life from off off Broadway to Hollywood films. She is a published and produced playwright, screenwriter and songwriter, has been employed as a script doctor; taught playwriting at Julia Richman High School in Queens for Theatre For New Audiences; ran an improvisation workshop and was a Teacher-Director for the Circle Repertory Company Arts and Education outreach program. She studied film and screenwriting at New York University, but has learned the most from the school of life, traveling the world and working in the \"Business\".
  • KDM and CLM [ 1 post(s) ]

    KDM and CLM have spent most of their lives devising pranks. \"I guess it\"™s some kind of genetic mutation,\" says KDM, \"That I\"™ve always been driven to pull a fast one.\" Most of their work involves photography because it\"™s easy to entertain themselves and others with a digital camera. They are trying to figure how to make a career out of pranks, because as CLM says, \"That\"™s got to be better than doing 9 \"“ 5 like mom and dad.\"
  • Kembrew McLeod [ 1 post(s) ]

    Kembrew McLeod is an independent documentary filmmaker and a media studies scholar at the University of Iowa whose work focuses on both popular music and the cultural impact of intellectual property law. Associate Professor McLeod has written refereed journal articles on copyright and music, and has published two books on the subject: Owning Culture: Authorship, Ownership and Intellectual Property Law (Lang, 2001) and Freedom of Expression®: Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity (Doubleday, 2005), which received the Oboler book award from the American Library Association. McLeod's documentary, Money For Nothing: Behind the Business of Pop Music (2000), was programmed at a variety of film festivals, including the 2002 South By Southwest Film Festival and the 2002 New England Film and Video Festival, where it received the Rosa Luxemburg Award for Social Consciousness. He is currently working on a feature length documentary about digital sampling titled Copyright Criminals: This is a Sampling Sport, as well as a second documentary, Freedom of Expression®: Resistance and Repression in the Age of Intellectual Property, which focuses on free speech and fair use. He is an occasional music journalist whose pieces have appeared in Rolling Stone, Mojo, Spin, The Village Voice and the New Rolling Stone Album Guide (Fireside, 2005). Additionally, McLeod was involved in Carrie McLaren's traveling Illegal Art show, which traveled to New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., and was hosted by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art\"™s Artist Gallery in 2003. His scholarly and creative work can be accessed at
  • Marcy LaViollette [ 23 post(s) ]

    Marcy LaViollette is the first female prankster to successfully thread the eye of the Space Needle. Disfigured at a young age by a tragic "got your nose" accident, Marcy tends to stay close to her hometown of Olympia, Washington. Embiggened by this blog, she is excited to expand her pranktasticness to global proportions (or at least outside of her direct circle of friends) and to stop speaking about herself in the third person.
  • Margaret Engel [ 1 post(s) ]

    Margaret Engel is the managing editor of the Newseum, the interactive museum of news in Washington, D.C. She also is the president of the Alicia Patterson Foundation, the nation\"™s oldest journalism writing fellowship. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri\"™s School of Journalism and was a Nieman fellow at Harvard University. She is a board member of the Fund for Investigative Journalism, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards and a longtime member of Investigative Reporters and Editors. She has been part of the reporting staffs of the Washington Post, Des Moines Register and Lorain (OH) Journal. She has written for Esquire, Saveur and her book, \"Food Finds,\" co-written with her twin sister, is in its sixth season on The Food Network. She co-authored a Fodor\"™s guide to American baseball parks with her husband. She lives in Bethesda, Maryland and is a board member of the Montgomery County Community Foundation.
  • Mark Thomas [ 1 post(s) ]

    Since 1995 Mark Thomas has owned and operated The Payphone Project, described by AT&T as “The best — and most entertaining — website that tracks the de-evolution of payphones and phone booths”. Started as an art project The Payphone Project evolved into a legitimate resource used in solving crimes, tracking down runaways, and other situations where the urgency of matching a payphone number to its location could not wait for court orders or subpoenas. With the introduction in 2016 of LinkNYC, the Smart City kiosk dubbed the “payphone of the future”, Mark got right to work subverting the kiosks and turning them into a broadcast platform, as covered extensively by and other media outlets. When he’s not thinking about payphones or Smart City shenanigans Mark is a classical concert pianist, a writer, and a photographer.
  • Matt Besser [ 1 post(s) ]

    Matt Besser has always been an asshole and managed to turn that into a living by calling himself a comedian. He is a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and can be seen at their theater in LA every weekend in their improv show "Asssscat". The UCB have always pursued a mission of spreading chaos by incorporating prank elements into their sketches. As a solo performer Besser has teased the papers in Chicago (1989-96) with fake letters to the editor; in New York he attacked people dialing his apartment seeking customer service, and in LA he jerked the chains of cocky pundits on his fake debate show "Crossballs".
  • Mike Ibanez [ 6 post(s) ]

    Cultural Sniper and spanish radio-personality, Mike works through the mediasphere. He created the cult radio program La Rosa de Vietnam for Radio-3 (1983), Moonlight & Muzak for Radio PICA (1990-1995), and Psikotroniko Berriak for Radio Vitoria (2001-now). Mike also wrote ¡Zap!\"“Caos, capitalismo y televisión (Futura Ediciones, 1995) and pOp cOntrOl. Crónicas post-industriales (Glenat, 2000). His hit in TV is Subliminalia, a 1998 shockumentary about the subliminal kingdom in movies, advertising... In 1995 Mike set up Mess/Age, a subversive agit-prop-oriented media agency (or so).
  • monochrom [ 7 post(s) ]

    monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. monochrom is an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, context hacking and political activism. Our mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost in culture-archeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment. monochrom has existed in this (and almost every other) form since 1993. For more information visit Wikipedia.
  • Nancy Weber [ 2 post(s) ]

    Nancy Weber put an ad in The Village Voice in 1973 offering to trade places with a stranger. She actually did the deed several months later: moved into Micki Wrangler's bedroom and office and tried to get into her skin. Meanwhile, back downtown, Micki tried to remake Nancy's existence instead of experience it. Nancy memorialized this exalted and messy prank in The Life Swap, often imitated but never equaled. A new edition is available at or through your favorite online bookshop. The Gift of Evil, Nancy's 23rd title and sequel to her 1980s thriller The Playgroup, is being serialized on Amazon Shorts, where you can buy each nail-biting chapter for 49 cents a pop at Nancy co-starred in Joey's Geraldo Rivera hoax and is proud that her two grown-up children, Rose and Albert, appeared in Biopeep and White House Outhouse, among other Skaggs masterworks. She caters and teaches under the rubric Between Books She Cooks and collaborates with artists on such projects as the Bake Love not War refrigerator magnet and TruffleLips, a balm infused with essence of black Perigord truffles. Photo caption: Cooking up mischief Photo credit: Andrew Marks
  • Norm Magnusson [ 4 post(s) ]

    My main artistic focus been painting and the creation of metaphors that are not so obvious as to be totally unpoetic, but not so obscure as to be totally unreadable. At first, my allegorical works looked to nature for symbols of the human condition. From there, my focus moved naturally toward creating works with environmental messages. The next short step brought me more into the political and social arena, with a show of paintings on the theme of America\"™s Seven Deadly Sins and a series entitled Finding the truth, in which I "excavated" my own text from verbatim speeches by George W. Bush. Frustrated by traditional political and socially conscious art, its venues necessarily corralling it into the relatively impotent arena of "preaching to the choir" and its well-accepted strident tone creating a message that could never resonate outside the same old churches, I sought to create an art of social conscience that had both the venue and the language to put it in front of and get it considered by a wider variety of viewers. So I produced three 30 second pieces of public art that appropriated an increasingly popular American political vernacular: religion. Two of these art pieces Practice what you preach and Do unto others aired 48 times each on a small, national television network in October of 2004. Most recently, I produced the first few pieces of my proposed I-75 project, which would place "historical" markers with contemporary social and political content in the 50 or so rest areas of Interstate 75, which starts in Michigan and runs through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. In May, two of the markers will be shown at Insight/Onsite: Site Specific Sculpture at SUNY Ulster and in June, they\"™ll be The Main Street Sculpture Project at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Paul Krassner [ 7 post(s) ]

    Paul Krassner calls himself an investigative satirist. Don Imus labeled him \"one of the comic geniuses of the 20th century.\" And, According to the Los Angeles Reader, \"Krassner delivers 90 minutes of the funniest, most intelligent social and political commentary in town.\" On the other hand, a couple of FBI agents went to one of his performances and stated in their report, \"He purported to be humorous about government policies.\" His FBI files indicate that after Life magazine published a favorable profile of him, the FBI sent a poison-pen letter to the editor, complaining: \"To classify Krassner as a social rebel is far too cute. He\"™s a nut, a raving, unconfined nut.\" \"The FBI was right,\" says George Carlin. \"This man is dangerous--and funny; and necessary\"... See more of Paul's bio at
  • Peter Moosgaard [ 9 post(s) ]

    Peter Moosgaard is a media artist and writer, working in Vienna and Helsingborg. In his work he deals with topics like pain, nationality, mythology, science and digital media. Moosgaard's ambition is " exploit the neverland between art and technology," as he once said, "because I´m not sure that culture is my friend." Currently he is working on a way to transmit and save data via biological systems.
  • Rev. Al [ 4 post(s) ]

    Rev. Al is a writer, artist, animator, and licensed minister, who served 9 years (1990-1999) as \"Grand Instigator\" of the Cacophony Society a national network of provocateurs serving as prototype for Chuck Palahniuk\"™s Fight Club. He may be best known for his \"Cement Cuddlers\" (cement filled teddy bears) deposited on the shelves of Toys R Us or his appearance as \"Faceless Boy,\" a hideously disfigured man-child celebrating his birthday at a Southern California Chuck-E-Cheese. His current project is The Art of Bleeding, an ambulance-based performance troupe dedicated to providing alarmingly unorthodox theatrical programs in safety education.
  • Ron English [ 6 post(s) ]

    Ron English, a New York-based painter, has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide for over twenty years his unique sensibility, in which the familiar is reflected through funhouse mirrors into something startlingly new. Recently his commentary and art were featured in the hit movie \"Supersize Me,\" widening his audience beyond the boundaries of intrepid art seekers, and he has appeared on television in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. He is also the subject of an award-winning documentary, \"POPaganda, the Art and Crimes of Ron English.\" Most recently Ron has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, where he created a series of paintings and billboards addressing the recent controversy surrounding the assassination of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by Muslim extremists. He has also found time to delve into toy making, with a newly released series of vinyl figures, including MC Supersized, Ronnnie Rabbbit, Big Yang and the Yangbangers, and Cathy Cowgirl. In addition to painting, Ron English is widely considered to be one of the seminal figures in the culture jamming movement, in which artists and activists subvert existing advertisements to encourage free thought. He has pirated more than a thousand billboards over the last twenty years, replacing existing advertisements with his own "subvertisements," ranging from his \"Cancer Kids" campaign featuring preadolescent camels hawking cigarettes to children, to Apple computer's "Think Different" campaign, where Ron added such 20th Century luminaries as Charles Manson to Apple\"™s roster of spokesmen. Most recently Ron staged an elaborate \"tribute\" to Ronald McDonald in San Francisco, in collaboration with the Billboard Liberation Front, featuring animatronic sculpture, billboard art and the spontaneous performance of fifty-odd Ronalds, Hamburglars, and assorted clowns. In July of 2006, Ron premiered his 12 x 27-foot interpretation of \"Guernica,\" which is one foot longer and one foot taller than Picasso\"™s original, featuring a psychodrama acted out by his children, and viewed from the point of view of the bomber airplane. In 2007 the artist celebrates the 70th anniversary of Guernica with an series of billboard installations in Spain depicting modern variations of Picasso\"™s classic painting.
  • Rose Fox [ 21 post(s) ]

    Rose Fox is the Dissociative Editor for the Annals of Improbable Research, a reviews editor for Publishers Weekly, a frequent contributor to Overheard in New York, a freelance medical journalist, and an all-around dilletante. Photo credit: Andrew Marks
  • Sean Ryan [ 1 post(s) ]

    Sean Ryan is a consummate success at failing to finish anything of real value in its entirety. Other notable accomplishments include his active and consistent participation in the propagation of other's extreme wealth as a lemming employed by Goldman-Sachs as an Instructor in a Culinary School. For the pittance, he pontificates about the grandeur of wine, its history, its position within multiple cultures, and is extraordinarily well versed in the biological, psychological, and long term effects of its active component, ether. Sean is a student of life who \"keeps it real\" by actively searching out the worldviews of others through art, literature, music, and dogmatic rhetoric (\"W\" is his current hero and holds his beliefs as the standard to be emulated). He currently finds himself immersed in the world of homosexual internet porn where he believes that he is close to bridging the source of the social fractures between those who enjoy muscle cars, the WWF, and \"big tits\" with those who like to simply ride the muscle. He often muses that he is a renaissance man who proudly bears the nickname that his students have ascribed to him, \"King Dolt\".
  • Steffani Martin [ 1 post(s) ]

    Retired educator/pornographer, formerly known as the best educated slut in New York. Steffani is a long time member of Joey Skaggs' repertory company of hoaxers and current member of the GSCSF (Geriatric Swingers Club of South Florida).
  • Steve ESPO Powers [ 1 post(s) ]

    Stephen Powers was born and raised and Philadelphia, then moved to New York City in 1994. After stints as publisher of On the Go Magazine, author of the book The Art Of Getting Over, and full-time graffiti writer, Powers opened his studio practice in Janurary of 1998. Since then he has shown at The Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, Deitch Projects, The 49th Venice Biennale, and The Luggage Store in San Francisco. In 2004, he founded the Dreamland Artist Club and partnered with Creative Time to commission over 45 artists to paint signs and rides in Coney Island. His book of pop art short stories, First And Fifteenth, was published by Villard in 2005. He lives and works in Manhattan.
  • Steve Lambert [ 15 post(s) ]

    Steve Lambert was born in Los Angeles in 1976 and moved to the Bay Area four days later. He was born to a former Franciscan Monk and a Dominican Nun who practiced a variation of Liberation Theology, then abandoned organized religion and left the church a year before his birth. Despite never graduating from high school, Steve went on to study sociology, film, and music before receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2000 and a Master of Fine Arts degree at UC Davis in 2006. He founded the outdoor, guerilla art gallery, the Budget Gallery, in 1999 and the Anti-Advertising Agency in 2004. Steve has worked as a furniture installer, radio host, record store clerk, ballet dancer, parking lot attendant, Winnie the Pooh at kid\"™s parties, mystery shopper, undercover store investigator, theater house manager, delivery truck driver, national dealer representative, upright bass player in country western band, high school teacher, landscaper, and lecturer among other things. He currently claims artist and professor on his taxes. Steve\"™s projects and art works have won awards from Rhizome/The New Museum, the Creative Work Fund, Adbusters Media Foundation, the California Arts Council, the Belle Foundation, and others. His work has been shown nationally in cities like Detroit, New York, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as internationally in Havana, Canada, Barcelona, and Rotterdam. Writings about his work have appeared in multiple publications such as the New York Times, Punk Planet, Artweek, and Newsweek Magazine. Steve is currently a fellow at Eyebeam\"™s Open R&D Lab in New York. Read Steve's Artist Statement here.
  • Survive LA [ 1 post(s) ]

    Located in the center of the beating heart of Los Angeles, SurviveLA is a blog and an urban homestead dedicated to the idea that through small steps, we can create households and communities that are self-sufficient, in the interest of the betterment of ourselves, our communities and the health of our planet. Organized on the concept of moving household systems from a consumer orientation to a production orientation, i.e. growing food vs. buying it, presents practical advice, carefully selected resources, and interviews with Urban Homesteaders "living the life".
  • Tamara Thorne [ 3 post(s) ]

    Tamara Thorne is a novelist, journalist, and photographer specializing in paranormal muckraking and political jokes like the Bush Administration. Proud inventor of the word, 'ectojism', Thorne idolized Houdini and Sherlock Holmes as a child, learned April 1 etiquette at her mother's knee, and, since being confused with a ghost-hunting hero in one of her novels a couple years ago, is happily having her cake and eating it too in a haunted house near you. Her pastimes include long walks on the freeway, string theory and pina colonics. Tamara has two other Web sites to her credit: and
  • Tim Jackson [ 14 post(s) ]

    Tim Jackson directed "Radical Jesters" (.com), a film profiling 11 pranksters, provocateurs, and performers who rankle the system, and "Chaos and Order" a film about The American Repertory Theater in Cambridge. He has contributed drums to several film soundtracks and many bands including his own group The Band That Time Forgot (.com) He also works part time as an actor and full time teaching film, art, and popular culture at the New England Institute of Art in Boston.
  • V. Vale [ 2 post(s) ]

    In 1977 Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg each gave $100 to V. Vale, a City Lights Bookstore employee, to begin publishing SEARCH & DESTROY which chronicled and helped spark the International Punk Rock Cultural Revolution. Inspired by Andy Warhol's early Interview tabloids, Vale's focus was on primary-source interviews and photographs involving artists. Search & Destroy morphed into RE/Search (get it?) which continues publishing books to this day. Vale's greatest hits include PRANKS, Modern Primitives (which, believe it or not, was originally conceived as a kind of faux-anthropological prank), J.G. Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibition, books on William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, and the Industrial Culture Handbook, which put the "industrial music" category into the world's record stores and websites. Vale's most recent books include PRANKS 2 (which also includes a Joey Skaggs interview), J.G. Ballard Quotes, J.G. Ballard Conversations, and a limited-edition hardback on art paper of THE INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK.
  • W.J. Elvin III [ 87 post(s) ]

    W.J. Elvin III is known to many AOTP readers as author of the rollicking LiteratEye column exploring literary fakes, fraud and folly. His journalistic career focused on investigative reporting and feature writing for national markets. He wrote an award-winning Washington based \"insider\" column during the Reagan era, known on Capitol Hill as \"coffee-spilling time.\" While the column was accused of excessive reliance on a warped imagination, he asserts \"there was some truth to it.\" He has edited newspapers, newsletters and magazines, several of which survived the experience. In addition to investigative work, he has written extensively in fields ranging from antiques to national security. Despite his insistence that "I was nowhere in the vicinity at the time of the alleged incidents," Elvin has been outed as author of the anonymous "Ask the Fiddler" columns archived here. His two mystery novels, "Murder By Bay Breezes" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Mad Bear," were published by GunBoss Books and may be found on Amazon and other book dispensing sites. A second novel in the Andy Holliday mystery series is currently being hatched.
  • Wayne Zebzda [ 12 post(s) ]

    Wayne Zebzda is a multimedia sculptor and videographer. In the late 1970's he made art installations on the streets in California\"™s Bay Area where he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. This outdoor metropolitan setting offered Zebzda an additional context to tweak reality and create installations which he considers theater sets for life. Many of the works also involve audience participation. He is currently raising kids on Kauai, in Hawaii, where he was awarded two public art commissions from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. For more information visit

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