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Roadtripping with Wayne Zebzda

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From Wayne Zebzda:

Roadtripping with artist Wayne Zebzda
by Pam Woolway
The Garden Island
September 25, 2009

Twisted guardrails, a 17 foot tower of stacked road signs, a disco ball made from reflective road bumps “” you”™ve seen it all before, just not quite like this.


Roadtrip, an exhibition by local artist Wayne Zebzda opened in the space adjacent to Galerie 103 at Kukui”˜ula Village [on Kauai in Hawaii] this month. From 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday let the artist guide you through his monument to traffic. Or if you”™d rather phone in, that”™s an option. Zebzda”™s voice recorded tour of the show can be heard by dialing 408-794-7745.

“I”™ve always liked signs and symbols. Universal images cut across cultures the same way music builds a bridge,” he said.

Described by the artist as found art, Zebzda is something of a planetary janitor clearing the roads of wreckage that would have found the landfill. (more…)

Roadtrip by Wayne Zebzda

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Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

Roadtrip MACC opening-425

Who’s your daddy?

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Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

Yes, and I am Babe Ruth’s Daughter too…

Former Employer of Woman Who Claims Dad Was Zodiac Says She Told Him Her Dad Was John F. Kennedy
by Joe Eskenazi
May, 1 2009

deborahandkevinzodiac-200Chris Sorensen, a mortgage bank and real estate expert who says he recently employed Deborah Perez, claims the woman who on Wednesday told throngs of reporters her stepfather was the Zodiac Killer last year told him she was actually the illegitimate daughter of President John F. Kennedy.

“Long story short, she trapped me outside my office and told me she wanted me to be aware that there was going to be a lot of publicity surrounding her very, very soon,” recalls Sorensen of an early 2008 discussion with his then-employee Deborah Perez. “She said it was very confidential, but it was about to be revealed that she was the illegitimate daughter of one of the Kennedys and indicated that President Kennedy was her father and it was about to be revealed.”

Steve Huff, who’s been following this story on our sister publication, True Crime Report, notes that crime author M. William Phelps — who Perez approached last year with the revelation that her stepfather, Guy Ward Hendrickson was the Zodiac Killer — also claims Perez told him she was JFK’s daughter: (more…)

ESPN Gets Pucked by Fake News Leak

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Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

Prankster dupes ESPN with bogus report on NHL suspension
by A.J. Perez
USA Today
April 27, 2009

Mike GreenSomebody posing as a Washington Post reporter convinced ESPN on Monday that one of the Washington Capitals’ star players had been suspended for Tuesday’s decisive Eastern Conference playoff Game 7 against the New York Rangers.

“I was on my way to the rink this morning and my buddy called me and was a little upset I was missing Game 7,” said Capitals defenseman Mike Green, a finalist for the Norris Trophy given to the NHL’s top defenseman.

“I had no idea what for. It kind of caught me off guard.”

ESPN SportsCenter hosts Josh Elliot and Hannah Storm relayed that Green and teammate Donald Brashear were suspended under a “Breaking News” banner Monday at 9:52 a.m.

Within a half hour, ESPN retracted the story. “Our news desk received the call from someone representing themselves as a Washington Post reporter,” ESPN spokesman Dan Quinn said. “We didn’t follow our own fact-checking procedures and mistakenly reported the story. “We apologize for the error.”

Part of the fib wound up being true. (more…)

Song for Sarah

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Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

vlad and friend boris presents ‘Song for Sarah’ for misses Palin:

Big Foot, Big Fools: How Obvious Does It Have To Be?

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Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

Frozen Sasquatch just a big rubber popsicle!

Researcher says bigfoot just a rubber gorilla suit
by Juanita Cousins
Associated Press
August 19, 2008

0619930300-200.jpgAtlanta (AP) “” Turns out Bigfoot was just a rubber suit. Two researchers on a quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot say that the carcass encased in a block of ice “” handed over to them for an undisclosed sum by two men who claimed to have found it “” was slowly thawed out, and discovered to be a rubber gorilla outfit.

The revelation comes just days after a much ballyhooed news conference was held in California to proclaim that the remains of the creature were found in the North Georgia mountains was the legendary man-ape.

Steve Kulls, executive director of squatchdetective.com and host of Squatchdetective Radio, says in a posting on a Web site run by Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi that as the “evidence” was thawed, the claim began to unravel as a giant hoax. Read the rest of the story here.

George Carlin, RIP

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From Wayne Zebzda:

Hats off to George Carlin who died today. As he said…

“I think it is the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.”

George Carlin, by Gregory Bull/AP

photo: nj.com

Related Stories:

  • George Carlin mourned as a counterculture hero, by Keith St. Clair, AP
  • Say It Ain’t So: George Carlin Dies, by Ward Harkavy, Village Voice Blogs [includes the full transcript of Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television monologue]
  • How George Carlin Changed Comedy by Richard Zoglin, Time Magazine
  • Is it Psystar as in Sister or Psystar as in Shyster?

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    Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

    Knock Knock, who’s there? Is this company really home? Gizmodo readers

    went to all the physical addresses that appeared on Psystar’s site. They found no evidence any such company had ever existed at any of the locations. One was a residence and one was a packing supply company that knew nothing of Psystar.

    Recent announcements about this Apple knockoff company that will run the Leopard OS raised some interesting legal questions, hoax or not. Many wonder if Apple will sue or even issue a statement but then again, where would they send the subpoena?

    Apple doesn’t really have to do anything to defend its honor, when it has such a loyal armchair detective customer base. Here’s an article from C/NET, followed by an article from Forbes that will walk you through the whole mess.

    415openpromir383à—461-200.jpgSend in the Mac clones
    C/NET News.com
    April 18, 2008

    Psystar suddenly appeared on the tech scene when it began to sell a white box PC that it says will come with Apple’s Mac OS X operating system pre-installed, the first Mac clone since CEO Steve Jobs banished them 11 years ago.

    Psystar is selling a PC called the Open Computer which comes with a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB DDR2 memory, integrated Intel 950 graphics, and a 250GB 7200RPM drive.

    Psystar says it achieved Mac OS X compatibility in its Open Computer by using an EFI emulator based on OSx86 software. The Open Computer costs $399 without an operating system but it can be ordered with Apple’s Leopard operating system pre-installed for an additional $155, according to the Psystar Web site. The lowest-cost Mac is the Mac mini which starts at $599.

    Credit: Psystar

    Rotten Apples?
    Meet The Mac-Clone Mystery Man
    by Brian Caulfield
    March 18, 2008

    Burlingame, Calif. – How’s this for a deal. At a fraction of the cost of a comparably equipped machine from Apple, a Web-based company dubbed Psystar is offering a computer you can have loaded up with just about any operating system you choose, including Apple’s OS X Leopard.

    That would not be news if, like thousands of mom-and-pop computer builders around the country, Psystar were offering any other operating system. But that Psystar is allowing users to order what is essentially a cut-price Mac violates Apple’s licensing terms, which forbids users from jamming its software onto non-Apple hardware. The novelty generated a storm of press coverage–and when the company stopped being able to take orders and switched locations — accusations from bloggers that the start-up business is a scam. (more…)

    Z National Forest

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    Submitted by artist, Wayne Zebzda:

    In 1982, a traffic island in San Francisco, with one lone tree, was turned into a national forest. The perimeter was fenced in, signage and an information box with pamphlets were installed. The site was patrolled by a life-size androgynous plywood ranger named Lou.

    Z National Forest, by Wayne Zebzda

    Skip Twitchell of Video West Magazine interviewed the artist Wayne Zebzda at the site:

    The project was part of the 12th International Sculpture Conference.

    Serve no wine before its time

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    Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

    andrewhart-prisonwine639still.gifA funny, yet informative video about how to make prison wine by Andrew Hart. Watch the movie here.

    The dog ate my homework”¦

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    Submitted by Wayne Zebzda:

    La Nona Ora, by Maurizio CatalanInternationally famous Italian artist Maurizio Catalan creates provocative, often humorous art installations, some of which fetch millions of dollars. The following excerpt from an interview by Bob Nikas for Index Magazine in 1999 reveals some of the early prankster roots of his popularity. – WZ

    Editor’s note: Reading the complete interview puts it all in perspective and is well worth the read. The image here, La Nona Ora (The Ninth Hour), by Maurizio Catalan, which depicts the Pope felled by a rock that has seemingly fallen through a skylight, sold at a Christie’s auction two years after this interview for $886,000. – ed

    BOB: You’re a professional …
    MAURIZIO: Art worker.
    BOB: But with you, there’s not always an actual work.
    MAURIZIO: There was the time I had to go to the police to tell them that someone stole an invisible sculpture from my car.
    BOB: I’ve never heard about this. An invisible piece?
    MAURIZIO: I was supposed to have a show at a gallery, and I didn’t really have anything for them …
    BOB: … and you didn’t know how to tell them?
    MAURIZIO: Yes, so I decided to report that a sculpture had been stolen from my car.
    BOB: So you’d have a good excuse for the gallery?
    MAURIZIO: Exactly. I went to the police station in the early morning, and I was frantic, “Oh my god …”
    BOB: And they believed you?
    MAURIZIO: Sure. [laughs]
    BOB: Didn’t you once steal someone else’s work, and then bring it to the place where you were having your show?
    MAURIZIO: Yes. This was more about displacement. I thought it was interesting to move one place completely into another.
    BOB: So you broke into the gallery?
    MAURIZIO: Yes, we broke inside at night.
    BOB: They didn’t have an alarm?
    MAURIZIO: No. [laughs]
    BOB: Whose work did you take?
    MAURIZIO: Actually we took everything from the gallery …
    BOB: Like the fax machine and all the stuff in the office?
    MAURIZIO: Everything. We rented a van, and just filled it up. (more…)

    It was a cold day in San Francisco…

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    Code Breakers

    It was a cold day in San Francisco, the winter solstice 1983. The city by the bay was about to be attacked by a military force of 21 plaster snowman. What can I say, having grown up in New England I missed winter and it didn”™t look like it was going to snow anytime soon so I sent out some press releases warning the city that “”¦you can”™t escape!” (more…)