Girls and Corpses

From contributor David Moye, Editor of The Naughty American:

Mag Pairs Hot Chicks With Cold Stiffs
by Jaye Beldo
The Naughty American
October 29, 2007

issue2_cover_md-200.jpgLos Angeles (TNA) – Sigmund Freud once said the world”™s two greatest taboos were sex and death. Leave it to award-winning horror writer Robert Steven Rhine to bring them together.

Rhine, author of such works as Satan”™s 3-Ring Circus of Hell and My Brain Escapes Me, has now made strange bedfellows of – what else – funerals and fornication.

His comedy/horror magazine Girls and Corpses features celebrity interviews, advertising spoofs, comic book art and, of course, photos of sumptuous babes posing suggestively with rotting cadavers.

“I realized that there are an awful lot of people [men and women] who like to look at hot girls, and a huge audience for horror,” Rhine said. “So I thought, “˜Why not put the two great tastes together in one?”™ Sort of like a rotting Reese”™s Peanut Butter Cup. It”™s been a tremendous success.” Continue reading “Girls and Corpses”

Celebrate April Fools’ Day With a Cement Mixer

This story is from Wireless Flash News, March 27, 2007. -DM

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) — Champagne is the drink for New Years’ Eve and the margarita is made for Cinco De Mayo, and now one mixologist hopes to make the “Cement Mixer,” the No.1 cocktail for April Fools’ Day. Continue reading “Celebrate April Fools’ Day With a Cement Mixer”