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On the subject of cheese…

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From Tamara Thorne:


Just in time for your Easter snack-tray

Cheese Boots

And, if you’re still hungry, Cosimo Cavallaro, whose sculpture I did it daddy was first done in 2005 and is now causing quite a stir in New York City, has an entire body of work made from cheese.

And on the 8th Day, God Created Crunchy

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This video clip is illustrative of the squewed logic people use to convince themselves that Bigfoot could have piloted a flying saucer. Tilted logic (here it’s using peanut butter to prove a point) is what makes the world go ’round more often than not.

Don’t Doubt the Dance

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123 Party! specializes in impromptu dances and they hit the jackpot recently when they were tipped off that a local Fox News team was doing a story on dumpster diving. The dancers staked out the news team and what ensues proves that, indeed, Fox News has no sense of humor.

123 Party! promises to strike anytime and anywhere with fierce, dorky dancing and the rallying cry, “Don’t doubt the dance!” Other videos listed on the page prove just that.