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The Cacophony Society Zone Show: You May Already be a Member

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From Reverend Al of the Cacophony Society:

The new year will bring us many strange things, among them a museum exhibition on the history of Cacophony and the Suicide Club, opening on February 4 — in Orange County of all places (along with sneak preview of Jon Alloway’s documentary on our group).


The Cacophony Society Zone Show: You May Already be a Member
February 4 – April 15, 2012
CSUF Grand Central Art Center
125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Details follow… (more…)

Gunther von Hà¤agen-Dazs

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Reverend Al from The Art of Bleeding and the late Los Angeles Cacophony Society created and presents this:

…bit of corporate chain-yanking and conceptual mashup, churning together the work of master plastinator Gunther von Hagens of Bodyworlds fame and Hà¤agen-Dazs. Everything melts..

“Gunther von Hà¤agen-Dazs”

From The Art of Bleeding website:

The Art of Bleeding is a Los Angeles-based multi-media performance troupe creating comically surreal and potentially educational programs in health and safety for video and live theatrical presentation.

Traveling in an actual ambulance to clubs, galleries, festivals, and other venues, we stage short sketches set in an off-kilter “paramedical funhouse” where costumed kiddy-show characters (an ape, robot, and puppet) mingle freely – if inappropriately – with a staff of “nurses” dressed to thrill the medical fetishist in us all. (more…)

Polygamy Dance Hit

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Submitted by Rev. Al of Cacophony/Art of Bleeding:

We’ll see how long it takes ABC to get riled about this, but I’ve created a new “Polygamy Dance Hit” and/or video mashup out of an extremely weird Good Morning America interview with the FLDS Sisters from Eldorado, TX.

The Cacophony Society

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The Society is a loosely structured network of individuals, banded together in “the pursuit of experiences beyond the mainstream.” Particularly noteworthy among said experiences are Cacophony”™s costumed rampages in the guise of clowns, Santas, dogs, biohazard teams, and post-apocalyptic shoppers, as well pranks and hoaxes including flyers announcing public pigeon roasts, UFO landings, and book-burnings. (more…)