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Banksy’s Antics Roadshow Ads

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Updated and corrected August 19, 2011:

From John Lundberg of

Banksy also played around during The Antics Roadshow ad breaks. Here’s a compilation of his handy-work.

Here too is a recent piece he put up outside Bristol on the M32, which is featured in one of the ad breaks. In our earlier post, we suggested it might be part of the ‘See No Evil’ street art project that starts on August 20, 2011 in Bristol. But, apparently it’s not… Funny, none-the-less.

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  • Banksy Takes On IKEA Croydon

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    ‘Large Graffiti Slogan’ by Banksy
    by John Lundberg of
    September 21, 2009

    banksy_ikea-200Banksy has created a new street piece, this time somewhat off the beaten track in Croydon, Surrey, on the outskirts of London.

    The piece depicts a punk struggling to assemble a flat pack graffiti slogan – purchased from IEAK – on the wall behind him. The piece obviously references the home furnishing store IKEA. The placement of the piece is well thought out, as is usual for Banksy. Over the wall you can see the distinctive twin towers of IKEA, Croydon, with their yellow and blue branding. Also, the piece is situated between two billboards.

    The text on the box reads ‘LARGE GRAFFITI SLOGAN (some assembly required)’, a witty reference to off the peg anarchy. The punk character with his distinctive five pointed Mohican haircut was previously featured in a painting on display at the Banksy Versus Bristol Museum Summer Show called ‘Don’t Forget Your Scarf’.

    More photos: (more…)

    Banksy’s Westway Highwayman

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    Banksy’s Westway Highwayman, by John Lundberg of

    Coinciding with the last week of his show at the Bristol City Museum which has seen crowds queuing for up to 6 hours to view the exhibition, Banksy has created a new piece on the streets – or should that be roofs – of London.


    The ‘Highwayman’ as it’s been dubbed has been painted on one of 2 towers that sit on the roof of ‘Great Western Studios’, a building that up until recently housed 140 artists and creative businesses. The building was previously a railway warehouse. The ‘Highwayman’ is situated next to the A40(M) Westway, a major highway that runs through West London.

    The image which is over 20ft tall depicts a rearing horse with a capped rider holding a paint roller aloft. He’s also wearing a hat and scarf that are the trademarks of the infamous English rogue and highwayman Dick Turpin. On the back of the tower the words ‘LIVE FAST DRIVE SLOW” have been written and the 2 towers have been daubed with pink paint including a love heart with an arrow piercing it, most likely applied by filling a fire extinguisher with paint. The best view of the artwork is from the Westway.


    Banksy’s Summer Show Announcement

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    Submitted by John Lundberg of

    Banksy has a new show opening this weekend here in the UK. Details are scarce but those in a position to know say it’s going to be a homecoming show in Bristol and will involve animals.


    Read more about Banksy here.

    No Wonder Banksy Keeps Such a Low Profile

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    Submitted by John Lundberg of

    Once you’ve read this article, you might want to check out the movie site to see who is actually hoaxing whom…

    When Joan Collins THOUGHT she’d met Banksy: The elaborate plot to impersonate graffiti artist and how the MoS foiled it
    by James Tapper
    03rd May 2009


    To Joan Collins it must have seemed an unexpected honour too good to refuse – the chance to meet the world-famous, and notoriously secretive, graffiti artist Banksy.

    Not surprisingly, she readily accepted the invitation to host a dinner party for the mysterious artist in a grand country home, with other excited celebrities in attendance to share the unique experience.

    But The Mail on Sunday has discovered that the entire story was an elaborate hoax, designed to dupe the Dynasty actress – and the rest of the world. (more…)

    Desks On Roof Prank

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    Submitted by John Lundberg of, England’s crop circle makers, as found on

    Desks On Roof? Cypress Creek Students Pull Prank
    Central Florida News 13
    April 22, 2009

    Orange County — It”™s almost the end of the school year, and for some high school students, that means it”™s senior prank time. Approximately 100 school desks, chairs and tables appeared on top of 40 portables at Cypress Creek High School overnight Tuesday. Investigators said it likely took the pranksters some time to do what they did. While some students found it funny, parents and school administrators weren”™t laughing. The school is no stranger to pranks. In past years, we’re told farm animals were let loose on the campus. The school is vowing to punish those found responsible.

    Video Star: Remi PacMan

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    Submitted by John Lundberg from (England’s crop circle makers):

    Pac Man, starring Remi Gaillard of
    posted on by nqtv

    From Pac-Man Meets Reality, Chaos Ensues, by Earnest Cavalli, April 16, 2009:

    French prankster Remi Gaillard strikes again, this time bringing the dot-chomping, ghost-fleeing action of arcade classic Pac-Man to the real world, much to the confusion and shock of bystanders.

    You may recall Gaillard from his previous effort to bring Mario Kart to the streets of France. Like that prank, his newest is a deceptively high-concept gag that elegantly portrays the utterly ridiculous plots and settings of the gaming industry’s most beloved titles.

    While the concept is nothing new — how many of you didn’t re-enact Super Mario Bros. as children? — the effort Gaillard puts into his pitch perfect costumes and surprisingly adept recreations of Pac-Man staples is very impressive. He certainly puts Hollywood’s myriad efforts to recreate gaming classics to shame.