Welcome Home, Dear

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Home Sweet Subway

Artist Ellen Moynihan and three artist friends, in a clever and bold juxtiposition of reality, took interior decorating to new lows — the New York subway system. They transformed an F train into a comfortable replica of a living room.

The New York Post covered the story:

By Jeremy Olshan, Transit Reporter
New York Post

Subway Installation

April 7, 2007 — Interior decorators hijacked an F train yesterday morning, transforming Car 5929 into a cozy living room with curtains, flowers, throw pillows and rugs.

The four artists behind this guerrilla installation, dubbed “No Train Like Home,” boarded the F in Coney Island at 7:38 a.m. carrying brown paper shopping bags filled with decorations and lots of double-sided tape.

As soon as the doors closed, the foursome started covering up every ad in the car with Andy Warhol prints and images of bookshelves.

They left the subway maps alone… For more of this story and more photos, check out The New York Post.