The Association for Creative Zoology

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Submitted by Beauvais Lyons:

zoology.jpgOn Saturday July 21, 2007 on the Rhea County (Tennessee) Courthouse lawn the Hokes Archives presented a kiosk on behalf of the Association for Creative Zoology. The event coincided with the 20th Annual Reenactment of Trial of John Scopes, who was prosecuted for teaching the Theory of Evolution in violation of a recent law passed by the Tennessee legislature.

Formed in 1908, the Association for Creative Zoology asserts that creation is far too complex and beautiful to result from a random process of natural selection. Instead, they posit that species variation has resulted from the direct hand of God, who not only creates flora and fauna whole-cloth, but uses previously existing creative works as the building blocks for creating new species. This explains the common attributes of many plants and animals and is reflected in the principle of “zoomorphic juncture.”


To learn more about this project, visit the Hokes Archives Web site,
and click on the “zoology” link. From there one can view a slide show of the prints and photographs from the event.

The site has been newly designed by recent UTK graduate Shaurya Kumar, who begins a new job this fall as an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University. To learn more about the Association for Creative Zoology, contact Beauvais Lyons.