Laptop thieves accidentally upload their pix to victim’s Flickr account — HOAX!

Cory Doctorow:
Update: Jane McG sez, “The photos on the Flickr “someone stole my laptop” set were clearly borrowed from the Top Shop fashion-cam. This must be a clever prank or art project.”

A Flickr user whose computer was stolen has posted a gallery of the (unidentified) thieves, who have inadvertently uploaded dozens of photos of themselves to Flickr, not realizing that the MacBook had a photobooth program set up that uploaded photos taken with the built-in camera to the Web.

Our black apple macbook was stolen recently. It had an automatic upload to flickr set up from photobooth.

These photos appeared on our flickr a few weeks after it was stolen.

Have you seen these people?
Do you know who they are?


(via Gizmodo)

A little complicated, but funny…

   Originally by Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing on April 9, 2007

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