JIFFI STOP – Pranking the Michigan Motorist

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Submitted by Henry Emsixle
MDOT Depotty Director of Transanitation

The Grand Rapids Alliance of MICHief in MICHigan is pleased to announce its latest contribution to our “single supremely tangible freedom”, the PRANK!

Public Roadside Urination (PRU) a problem in your neighborhood? According to a recent government study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), Public Roadside Urination is on the rise and has fast become a national epidemic, a national dilemma requiring a radical solution. The main contributing factor is there are simply not enough public toilets to support the population.


After the 4 year study, UMTRI recommended to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) a revolutionary new concept in transanitation called JIFFI, an acronym for Jons Installed at Fast Freeway Intersections. JIFFI is a radical innovation born in Michigan that delivers value and performance on a variety of levels: cost, space, speed and utility. MDOT immediately embraced the JIFFI concept, quickly secured Federal funds and matching grant funds, designed and built the nation’s very first JIFFI STOP in just under 6 months.


Perhaps your town needs a JIFFI STOP, the new roadside rest area for on-the-go freeway travelers. The Kentwood, Michigan M-6 JIFFI STOP grand opening occurred just recently on April 25, 2007 (National Plumber’s Day). Residents and local motorist call it “love at first flush”.


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