Ask The Fiddler #1: Read My Hips

fiddlerEditor’s Note: We often receive questions on a variety of prank-hoax-scam related topics. Readers want an assessment of the validity of news reports or web site information, or they suspect a received email is a scam. Some are looking for moral or immoral support for their prank ideas. So, we are pleased to announce a new service, Ask The Fiddler, a lifestyle advice column that may remedy more chaos and confusion than it creates. Questions may be submitted to us here at Art of the Prank, and good luck.

Dear The Fiddler:

I”™m going for a job interview and, in this troubled economy, there”™s bound to be lots of competition. Can you suggest any body language that might boost my chances?

Chris in Connecticut

Dear Chris:

How about the headstand, could be a hit, depending on what you”™re wearing under your kilt. You bring up an interesting topic. Thing is, there”™s some suggestion that body language is bunk. However, if your interviewer (prospective employer or, say, a cop) is a true believer, what does it matter if it”™s bunk?

Certainly the advocates have created a big industry, lots of books and seminars.

In your case, how to handle an interview, my always-handy copy of “Body Language For Dummies“ suggests that you “Visualize unzipping your torso and freeing the nervous butterflies in your stomach.” That should make an impression. Continue reading “Ask The Fiddler #1: Read My Hips”

Sign of the Times

Sign Stunt Pays Off for Laid-off NYC Man
December 11, 2008

New York (AP) — A laid-off financial engineer who got worldwide press attention after he walked around midtown Manhattan wearing a sign that said “MIT Graduate for Hire” has landed a job.

Joshua Persky joined the accounting and consulting firm Weiser LLP at the start of the month.

He had been out of work for nearly a year.

Persky’s sign struck a chord with journalists reporting on the financial crisis. He was profiled in local newspapers, on national TV and by global wire services.

But he only wore the sandwich board for a week, and he says it was his blog on business valuations that finally caught a recruiter’s attention.

Persky says the new job will allow his wife and kids to return from Omaha, Neb., where they had been staying with family.