In the White House, Fake News Is Good News

The Trump Administration loves good satire at its own expense… as long as it doesn’t get the joke. #45 isn’t just parody-proof; he’s literally unbelievable. Satire is dead.

“White House Shares Parody Article as Real News in Daily Briefing”
by Ryan Grenoble
The Huffington Post
March 17, 2017

On Friday, as part of its regular \”1600 Daily\” email briefing, The White House included a roundup of links of news friendly to President Donald Trump\”™s administration, as it regularly does.

First on the list was a Washington Post article titled, \”Trump\”™s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why.\”

If that headline sounds suspiciously servile to you, there\”™s a good reason why: It\”™s satire.

The column, written by Washington Post humorist Alexandra Petri, employs a clearly satirical tone in an attempt to justify President Trump\”™s proposed budget cuts to various departments.

\”We don\”™t need to fund historic sites,\” one section reads. \”Those parks have sassed the administration enough and they must get what is coming to them.\”

So either the Trump administration didn\”™t bother reading the actual article itself, or, even more troubling, read it but failed to distinguish it as parody. Read more.