Fiddle File #4

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fiddler-75Editor’s Note: Ask The Fiddler is a lifestyle advice column that aims to remedy more chaos and confusion than it creates. Questions may be submitted to us here at Art of the Prank, and good luck.

The Fiddle File #4

Here we go with another madcap roundup of hoaxes, scams and damn fool idiocy making the rounds these days. Take heed. Some of these fiddles may soon be showing up on your computer, phone or even up close and personal. Check it out:

Beverly Hills: Great idea, bust in on your buddy pretending to be armed robbers. A real hoot, until your buddy starts breaking noses.

Everywhere: Congratulations, you”™ve won tons of money in an automated FaceBook lottery. Whoops, sorry — no money just lots of bad stuff loaded on your computer.

St. Louis: Here”™s an airline ticket, please fly to St. Louis and I”™ll give you $19,000 for that ring you advertised on CraigsList. You really don”™t believe this story has a happy ending?

Somewhere: You”™ve struck up an internet romance with rapper Bow Wow. But it”™s not Bow Wow, it”™s a trolling lesbian from Atlanta. Oh well, sort of happy ending — you get $10,000 for your trouble.

Nationwide: By signing up for this solicitation you get a big fat WalMart check and your assignment as a “Secret Shopper.” Follow the instructions and you are out maybe a thousand bucks and possibly facing criminal charges.

Rhode Island & Elsewhere: You missed jury duty, pay your fine now by credit card or face jail. Tip: The cops don”™t work that way.

Spotted a hoax or scam deserving mention in our next roundup? We”™d be happy to hear from you at Art of the Prank. You might save some reader a heap of hurting (or give them wild ideas for their next fiddle).