Fake Design Studio Satirizes Artists Who Value Style Over Substance

Filed under: Culture Jamming and Reality Hacking, Parody

From Emerson Dameron as seen on psfk.com:

Artist uses a tongue-in-cheek method to get noticed

Graphic Designer Amy West has created a brilliantly refreshing new project titled Grafik BS. The work sees a completely made-up design studio with its own fake Behance page aimed at an audience with a shallow understanding of design, or as West puts it, “those who have come to rely on the aesthetic qualities promoted by new technologies with graphic design.”


The studio”™s “˜page“™ displays posters with meaningless messages giving users the ability to comment on her phony designs thus portraying our modern obsession with trends and style whether they be good, or bad.

Amy explains:

The fake Behance page for the studio received hundreds of appreciations, positive comments on the style of the posters and even a job application for a position in the studio. The experiment proved that there is an online community practicing design with the understanding that the entire process consists solely of applying style to anything.
Click through the gallery to see more of her “˜designs,”™ or visit her “˜page”™ to find out more.