The Fiddle File: Scam Report

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The Fiddle File

Here”™s our latest survey of activity in the scamming industry, a thriving segment of the economy in these troubled times:

scream-197South Dakota: The computer security expert on the phone needs remote access to fix your computer. This one also reported from several other states.

Missouri: Victims of a tragedy need your donation.

California: You”™ve placed an illegal order on-line. Send in your fine or face jail.

Illinois: In order to complete delivery, click here (a program then sucks up personal info from your computer)

Vermont: Your debit card is locked, give us needed info to have it released.

New York: We have your son and he will die if you don”™t pay up now.

Georgia: Hey, you”™ve got a flat (courtesy of the Good Samaritan who says he”™ll fix it for you)

Everywhere: Pick up a few extra bucks and help your local pharmacist scam Medicaid

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image: excerpt of The Scream by Edvard Munch

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