Poop Propelled Motor Bike – Is Human Waste the New Coal?

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The perfect product for bankers, politicians & Supreme Court Justices:

And, oh… a note from TOTO – the company making this great product, which is now on a 600 mile tour through Japan:

TOILET BIKE NEO does not have the mechanism to run on the rider”™s waste. It runs on biogas fuel (fertilized, purified and compressed livestock waste and household wastewater) provided by Shika-oi Town in Hokkaido and Kobe city.

Therefore, the NEO REST seat does not function as a toilet, and has been created for promoting TOTO’s environmental efforts. TOTO is not involved with any motorbike or biogas production businesses.

Sounds a little defensive, no?

From TreeHugger.com:

The Toilet Bike Neo tour is part of the TOTO Green Challenge, which is aims to halve CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 2017. To keep updated on the Toilet Bike Neo’s progress and to find out more details on the technology behind this dung-converting bike, check out the company’s blog.

photo: TOTO

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