Warning: Do Not Discard Your Brain

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From Miscellanea, October 12, 2008

Warning: In Case of Terrorist attack, do not discard brain.

With Barack Obama so far ahead in the polls some people are getting worried that this election cycle”™s October surprise will be a terrorist attack. There was, after all, the 2004 Madrid train bombings and Osama Bin Laden did personally intervene in the last US presidential election.

So this week”™s comic is a friendly reminder: keep your brain running at all times. When you switch it off bad things happen.

Today”™s comic is also available as a printable PDF. If you”™re interested in something more high-res, there are posters for sale at the Miscellanea store.

P.S. for anyone who”™s curious, the symbol below the ionizing radiation symbol and above the biohazard in the spiffy new chemical hazard symbol developed by the US army.

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