Anonymous Hacks Child Pornography Ring

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Anonymous Hacks Lolita City Alleged Porn Ring
Huffington Post
October 22, 2011

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has uncovered what it says was a massive child pornography ring, according to the Examiner.

The hackers targeted several websites, including “Lolita City,” which the Guardian says included 1,589 users.

The attack was part of Anonymous’ “Operation Darknet.” The Guardian explains that “Darknet websites are part of the Invisible Web, sometimes called the Deep Web, containing content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines.”

Watch the video:

Anonymous published the usernames of those who frequent Lolita City, which, the Guardian reports, had 100 gigabytes of child porn.

“We have been targeting them in secret for a while now, taking down their servers as much as possible,” one hacker named Arson told Gawker in a chat. “We decided to seek media attention for this operation so that we may get the resources needed to shut them down on a more permanent basis.”

Some of the username’s are explicit, while others are just creepy and ominous. Take the monickers “redhotchily”, “PantyhosePedo” and “PureEvil” as examples.

Unlike its reported attempts to “erase” the New York Stock Exchange, or its alleged involvement in the Playstation hack, the uncovering of an alleged child porn ring is unlikely to bring Anonymous much scorn.

This latest Anonymous mission is more in line with the group’s targeting of the nearly universally despised Westboro Baptist Church.