While You Were Sleeping The World Has Changed

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The Independent UK brings news today heralding scientific advances of unimaginable significance:

Mypopic viewpoint

Car technology breakthrough hailed as vehicles driven by near-sighted persons are fitted with prescription glass windscreens. Watch the video here.

Licking history

The Sun has today made newspaper history with the world’s first flavoured page. On page 17 a white square carries the words “Lick here” and an arrow advises viewers where to place their tongues to experience the flavour… Sadly, it doesn’t work online

There’s no place like home-page

Google has officially changed its name to Topeka. The news follows last month’s decision by the mayor of Topeka in Kansas to change the city’s name to Google.

Etre, ou ne pas àªtre, c’est là  la question

The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 reported this morning that archaeologists from Birmingham University have uncovered evidence to suggest that Shakespeare’s mother was French.

And, that’s not all… To see the rest, visit here.