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200752514598_igasm.jpgSex toy’s ad campaign gives Apple bad vibes
by Christina Boyle
New York Daily News
May 27 2007

Apple execs have got their knickers in a twist over a new sex toy called the iGasm, which sends a vibrating beat from any music player into your underwear.

The British adult store Ann Summers has the makers of the iPod in an uproar, claiming posters advertising the kinky device are a ripoff of their own ad campaign.

The store’s neon pink posters show the silhouette of a woman on her knees and leaning backward, holding the oval white device above her head.

Two white cables come out of the toy – one connected to a pair of headphones and the other leading suggestively down toward her panties.

Apple is demanding all posters for the $60 gadget be taken down, under threat of court action.

Ann Summers’ boss Jacqueline Gold seems reluctant to bow to the pressure. “Perhaps I can send them an iGasm to put a smile back on their faces!” she said.

Editor’s Note:

SEXONIX by Joey SkaggsIn 1993, Joey Skaggs created an international uproar with SEXONIX, a sexual virtual reality hoax using fictitious technology.