Facebook Boob Prank [English & Italian]

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Submitted by Stefano Cicconardi about the story of Valeria and Antonio and his betrayal of her on Facebook:

The Italian Boobs are Fake!


The story about Valeria, the furious Italian fiancee who cancelled her wedding after discovering her future bridegroom Antonio’s betrayal on Facebook, made lots of buzz in the Italian and international press. Out of revenge, she stuck up hundreds of posters around Rome with sexy snaps taken from Antonio’s Facebook profile that show him nestling his head between a girl’s naked breasts.

The betrayal, reported by many international newspapers and websites (The Sun, Metro, 20minutes, Fox 10 etc.) was actually a marketing operation planned and executed by Stefano Cicconardi and Marco Diotallevi to launch the movie Feisbum (English title: Faceboom). In fact, Valeria’s story is part of one episode of Feisbum (Maledetto tag), a comedy about love online, including fear, revenge and Italy’s most popular social network.

A Trojan marketing campaign, with Web linking, Facebook, and actions on the ground (see the video on YouTube), the story of Valeria and Antonio flew through the international media, even beyond those outlets that typically cover the cinema. Feisbum will be in Italian theaters 8th May, the same day set for the fake wedding.

The campaign was realized by a new, anarchical and extra-terrestrial unit for unconventional marketing directed by Andrea Natella of K-events.

Here is some of the media coverage:

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  • photo: The Sun