Calling All Aliens

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Photo Credit: By Mark Wilson "” Roswell Daily Record Via Associated PressAt Roswell Festival, Doubt Is an Alien Concept
by William Booth
Washington Post
July 8, 2007

Roswell, N.M. — Attention, all aliens. Come on down. Because, seriously, this is your crowd. About 50,000 of your closest admirers are expected this weekend for the Roswell UFO Festival, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the nearby crash landing of a flying saucer — and, naturally, the ensuing government coverup.

A weather balloon? Please. We are not fools.

At least that’s the thinking here. Not up on the latest ufology? The debate today is all about “disclosure,” meaning not if, but when. When is the government finally going to open its top-secret files to reveal its voluminous data on the sightings, abductions and close encounters dating back to at least July 5, 1947. “The anomalies.” Here in the desert Southwest. And probably Mars. Read the rest of this story here.