Are You Shittin’ Me?

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Poop exhibitionism, ever so delicately submitted by Rose Fox:

Testimonials on The Colon Cleansing Kitâ„¢ from Blessed Herbs:
Testimonial on The Colon Cleansing Kit


First of all, I must say it feels a bit weird to be sending pics of my poo to complete strangers… but all in the name of good sportsmanship! It felt even stranger to TAKE pics of my poo…

My name is Susan; I am 24 and live in beautiful HI. I have had GI problems as long as I can remember. After my husband and I made a big move from our hometown on the mainland to Hawaii, I was feeling pretty toxic. I wasn’t having regular bowel movements. I had tried colonics, diet modification, exercise, everything I could think of and was feeling pretty desperate. That is when I did a search for cleanses on the Internet and came across Blessed Herbs.

…I did the fast, only had the toxin absorber, organic apple, and some veggie broth with miso and, a ton of water. By day two my body was getting rid of some pretty nasty things and by day 5, I couldn’t believe the results…

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