High-Minded Holiday Gifts: Vulva Original

Vulva Original from SmellMe2.comVulva Original
Unique and Exclusive to the Adult Market

The erotic and intimate scent of an irresistible woman has been encapsulated into a small glass bottle, not as a perfume but purely as a substance for your own smelling pleasure.

The bottle is to be shaken gently and when only a tiny amount of this intoxicating substance is applied to the back of the hand the irresistible smell of a moist, sensuous vagina exudes and immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies, stimulating the cinematic visions of the imagination.

Breathe in and enjoy the scent of a beautiful woman anytime, anywhere!

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Need more convincing? Watch the Vulva Original Trailer:

And here’s Jonathan Ross of the BBC talking about Vulva Parfum:

Thanks Nick