A Practical Guide To Critical Thinking by Greg R. Haskins

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An excellent reference for anyone who professes to believe in anything.

The full article is on the skepdic.com Web site and is full of models, charts and graphs. It is well worth the read. -JS


There have been many definitions of critical thinking. From a practical perspective, it may be defined as:

A process by which we use our knowledge and intelligence to effectively arrive at the most reasonable and justifiable positions on issues, and which endeavors to identify and overcome the numerous hindrances to rational thinking.

Not everyone values the need for critical thinking. Often, being methodically objective is viewed as cold, sterile, and worst of all, boring. To those who say “Have faith and let your feelings guide you to the truth,” or “Don”™t let facts get in the way of an inspiring or interesting story,” these words will probably not resonate. But for those who truly understand and appreciate the importance of critical thinking, this paper, including the attached tables, can become a useful reference for daily life.

Read the rest of the article here on the skepdic.com Web site.