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How to Park Free

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Found and submitted by W.J. Elvin III:

Artist creates invisible car
02 May 2009

Art student Sara Watson has found the ultimate way of avoiding traffic wardens – by making her car invisible.

The 22-year-old student at the University of Central Lancashire spray painted a battered Skoda Fabia to match the car park and entrance to her art studio.

Her work, created as part of her drawing and image making course at the university, creates the illusion that the car is see through.


She was given the car from a breakers yard and worked for three weeks to ensure that it blended perfectly with its surroundings. (more…)

Extreme Sheep Herding

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From BaaStuds:

We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts…

thanks Erin

Fastest Undressing Ever

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How to undress in 2 seconds?

via Huffington Post

Grandpa Japan

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Japanese illusionist/street magician at work:

thanks Carol Lena

The Black Hole

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The Black Hole

thanks Nick

A Bright Idea

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From Kip Kedersha of Kipkay Videos, producer of DIY, hacks, mods, how-to’s and other cool and fun vids! Watch all of his videos at

Mysterious Lightbulb Hack

Food Art by Carl Warner

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Foodscapes: amazing food art by Carl Warner
November 25, 2008

Carl Warner is a London-based photographer who makes foodscapes: landscapes made of food. In the picture above, a pea pod boat sails away from a land made of bread and potatoes, over a sea of salmon.

Here are a few more examples of his work:


Ground-Breaking Special Effects Wizard Stan Winston Dies at 62

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Stan Winston

In this undated image released by Stan Winston Studio, Stan Winston is shown. Winston, the Oscar-winning special-effects maestro responsible for bringing the dinosaurs of “Jurassic Park” and other iconic movie creatures to life, has died. He was 62. He died at his home in Malibu surrounded by family on Sunday, June 15, 2008, after a seven-year struggle with multiple myeloma, according to a representative from Stan Winston Studio.

photo: Stan Winston Studio

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  • David Blaine: Taking Illusion to New Depths

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    David Blaine breaks world record for holding one’s breath
    by Tara Burghart
    USA Today
    April 30, 2008

    pic5_m-200.jpgChicago (AP) — David Blaine set a new world record Wednesday for breath-holding, 17 minutes and 4 seconds.

    The feat was broadcast live during The Oprah Winfrey Show and the studio audience cheered as divers pulled the 35-year-old magician from a water-filled sphere.

    Blaine looked relaxed afterward and said the record was “a lifelong dream.”

    The previous record was 16 minutes and 32 seconds, set Feb. 10 by Switzerland’s Peter Colat, according to Guinness World Records.

    Before he entered the sphere, Blaine inhaled pure oxygen through a mask to saturate his blood with oxygen and flush out carbon dioxide.

    Guinness says up to 30 minutes of so-called “oxygen hyperventilation” is allowed under its guidelines.

    Previously, Blaine was buried alive for a week in a see-through coffin in New York and spent more than a month suspended from a glass box by the River Thames in London.

    photo: Hong Kong Space Museum


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    Sleeveface: One or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion




    Kung Fu Magic Trick

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    How to shoot through a bottle cap with a finger:

    Funny Kung Fu Magic Trick – video powered by Metacafe

    via Neatorama

    The Great Flydini

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    Classic Steve Martin on the Johnny Carson Show:

    via A Hunger Artist

    Women in Film

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    Another beautiful film by digital artist Philip Scott Johnson:

    Check out more of this artist’s films here. Thanks Erin.

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  • Shopping Mall Magician

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    from CollegeHumor, thanks Erin

    Update, November 27, 2007: According to a commenter at Laughing Squid named Nikolaas, this is the magic of Daniel Chesterfield, an alter-ego of Belgian comedian Chris Van den Durpel.

    Orson Welles: F For Fake

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    A film review by Shane Lavalette /Journal, November 10, 2007:

    F For Fake, by Orson WellesOrson Welles is generally known for his 1938 radio broadcast of the science fiction novella War of the Worlds. If not for that, then for co-writing, directing, producing and starring in Citizen Kane (1941), commonly referred to as “the greatest film ever made.” Orson Welles is, however, not so known for his last major film, F For Fake (1974) – a pseudo-documentary and playful meditation on “art, experts and fakery.” Here’s a quick synopsis taken from The Criterion Collection (released the film on DVD in 2005):

    Trickery. Deceit. Magic. In Orson Welles’ free-form documentary F for Fake, the legendary filmmaker (and self-described charlatan) gleefully engages the central preoccupation of his career—the tenuous line between truth and illusion, art and lies. Beginning with portraits of world-renowned art forger Elmyr de Hory and his equally devious biographer, Clifford Irving, Welles embarks on a dizzying cinematic journey that simultaneously exposes and revels in fakery and fakers of all stripes—not the least of whom is Welles himself. Charming and inventive, F for Fake is an inspired prank and a searching examination of the essential duplicity of cinema.


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