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Rogelio Là³pez Cuenca Infiltrates [English & Spanish]

Filed under: Culture Jamming and Reality Hacking

Rogelio Là³pez Cuenca infiltrates
by Jorge Luis Marzo

At the World Expo 92 in Sevilla, Spanish artist Rogelio Là³pez Cuenca placed several signposts inside as if they were the official ones. What they were indicating had nothing to do with the real pavilions and itineraries. It took a while for real managers to realize. Some serious legal matters arouse.

In another “camouflage” project, Là³pez Cuenca surreptitiously placed another signpost in Porto (Portugal). What car drivers could see on it was something not very “welcoming” though. It took a while for traffic agents to realize.

Durante la Expo”™92 de Sevilla, el artista Rogelio Là³pez Cuenca colocà³ entre la seà±alética oficial del recinto, la que indica los recorridos o el emplazamiento de los pabellones y servicios, toda una baterà­a de pivotes y postes informativos, prà¡cticamente idénticos a los oficiales. En ellos, no se leà­a la informacià³n al uso, sino iconos y flechas asociadas a palabras como “echargede”, “esouslabanal”, “geles” o “enzameta”.