IBM Second Life Union Protest [in English, French & Italian]

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Submitted by André Gattolin with thanks to Davide Barillari, the initiator of the successful IBM strike that took place in Second Life in September, 2007: Not so sure that it is the first action of this kind, but nevermind, it has to be noticed…


A l’appel de la Représentation Syndicale Unitaire (RSU) d’IBM Italie et avec l’appui de UNI Global Union, des salariés d’IBM mécontents de leur condition ont organisé en septembre 2007 une manifestation “virtuelle” dans Second Life, la première du genre. Les syndicats ont justifié cette initiative par l’échec des négociations traditionnelles, et par l’espoir de bénéficier d’une large publicité. / IBM employee members of the trade union RSU, supported by the federation UNI, called a one-day strike by their avatars in the virtual world Second Life. The aim was to protest against IBM’s intention to drop performance bonuses. The resulting talks led to the bonuses being reinstated. Takes labour-management relations into the digital age.

IBM Virtual Strike in Second Life!

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