Artist Hermann Josef Hack’s Bread Army Invades Paris and Cologne

From Hermann Josef Hack:

Just back from Paris and Cologne, where the BREAD ARMY conquered the streets with bread tanks in a peaceful invasion. The tanks were airdropped by parachutes made of tents. Passers-by were surprised getting confronted with them in the shopping malls and tourist hot spots. The BREAD ARMY critizises the waste of food by the wealthy nations, also water trading and the monopoly of food management causing millions of lives in the poor regions of our planet.



Paris klein Centre

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  • Artist Hermann Josef Hack and the Bread Army Faction

    Submitted by artist Hermann Josef Hack, whose latest public intervention is in Siegburg, a little town near Cologne, where he planted several bread bombs on the main street.

    The Bread Army Section was founded by Hermann Josef Hack as a paramilitary art project. The power of bread as the symbol of sharing and helping, love and social engagement became part of his paintings on tarpulin and his urban interventions. Bread bombers, planes dropping bread bombs on refugee camps, tanks and missile launchers made of bread are the weapons of the Bread Forces, the Bread Army and according to the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction) the Bread Army Faction.

    Several Performances like the “Brotanschlag” (= bread assault) with the red equipment of a suicide bomber in front of Cologne Cathedral and urban interventions, such as the winter offensive of the Bread Army deal with the fact that every 7 seconds a baby dies on this planet because of starvation while people in the rich regions suffer of ascendancy.

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    World Climate Refugee Camp Leipzig

    Submitted by Hermann Josef Hack:

    Street Art Intervention
    World Climate Refugee Camp Leipzig
    Saturday, May 16, 2009 – Markt Leipzig, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

    On Saturday, 16 May, the German artist Hermann Josef Hack, founder of the Global Brainstorming Project, will set up a climate refugee camp with more than 500 miniature tents in front of the town hall of Leipzig. This intervention, presented with the support of the GRASSI Museum fuer Voelkerkunde zu Leipzig, wants to attract public attention to the plight of millions of people already suffering from climate change impacts. Since 1991, Hack has worked on the social effects of global change, which he considers to be the most challenging tasks for our time.


    His last camp was set up in front of the Brandenburg Gate and on Alexanderplatz Berlin as part of the transmediale09 exhibition. The next camp will be placed in front of the Japanisches Palais Dresden on May 28 and in the court of the Residenzschloss Dresden on May 29, presented by the Dresden State Art Collections.

    You are welcome to participate.