Hermann Josef Hack’s Art Procession [English & German]

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Submitted by artist, Hermann Josef Hack:

On July 16, 2011, Hermann Josef Hack started a procession with flags and banners at the Berlin Reichstag, proceeding to the exhibition hall Stattbad Wedding www.stattbad.net, where he opened his solo exhibition MOVING TARGETS. Says Hack:

“The revolutionary power of migration is not already discovered by the public. People of the future will be migrants. Due to the impact of climate change, especially in the poor regions of our planet, millions of people will be forced to migrate. Instead of treating them as enemies and trying to fight them along the European borders, we should welcome them in a friendly way and use their potentials.”

View the interview with Hack (in German) in which Hack reclaims the right of climate protection as a human right for all people all over the world and declares “Only art will stop climate change.”

Here too is a video of his exhibition in the former indoor swimming pool built in the early 30s in Berlin-Wedding, which is now an art location and is becoming the first museum for street art:

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