Artist Hermann Josef Hack and the Bread Army Faction

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Submitted by artist Hermann Josef Hack, whose latest public intervention is in Siegburg, a little town near Cologne, where he planted several bread bombs on the main street.

The Bread Army Section was founded by Hermann Josef Hack as a paramilitary art project. The power of bread as the symbol of sharing and helping, love and social engagement became part of his paintings on tarpulin and his urban interventions. Bread bombers, planes dropping bread bombs on refugee camps, tanks and missile launchers made of bread are the weapons of the Bread Forces, the Bread Army and according to the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction) the Bread Army Faction.

Several Performances like the “Brotanschlag” (= bread assault) with the red equipment of a suicide bomber in front of Cologne Cathedral and urban interventions, such as the winter offensive of the Bread Army deal with the fact that every 7 seconds a baby dies on this planet because of starvation while people in the rich regions suffer of ascendancy.

The Bread Army issues actual statements where they are necessary, like the sympathy for the freedom fighters in Northern Africa. (Die BROTE ARMEE unterstützt den Freiheitskampf des à¤gyptischen Volkes = the BREAD ARMY supports the fight for freedom of the Egyptian people) on banners at several bridges across the Rhine river in Cologne.

The bread bombs planted in the streets of Siegburg, placed at posts of the shopping mall irritate the passers-by and and focus on the basic needs of millions of people who are not perceived in the tempel of consumerism.

To be continued…

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