Cathouse for Dogs Revisited?

Editor’s Note: In 1976, in one of his signature hoaxes, Joey Skaggs ran an ad in the Village Voice that said: “Cat House for Dogs, featuring a savory selection of hot bitches…” Along with this ad, he sent a press release to the media saying that if your dog graduated from obedience school, if it was his birthday, or if he was just horny, for $50 you could get your dog sexually gratified. This was not a breeding service, but purely a sexual pleasure service. The news media swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Could this be a re-run?

New Delhi Journal: Matchmaking in India: Canine Division
by Lydia Polgreen
The New York Times
August 17, 2009

18delhi.span.200New Delhi “” Their lonely-hearts faces peer out of the advertisements, hangdog and looking for love.

“Hi, I am Musti,” one poster reads. “I am a well-mannered, good-looking and considerate hunk. I am very health conscious and love my carrots. I am a one-woman man and promise to take good care of you.”

And then there is Foster, all jowls and hooded eyes.

“Foster refuses to eat till we find him a girlfriend!” the poster declares.

In matrimony-mad India, where marriage is the central event of a lifetime, these posters could easily be for lovelorn, small-town bachelors, pasted up by anxious parents seeking a bride.

But the suitable girl these single fellows seek is of the furry, four-footed variety. Finding one, though, is not easy. Continue reading “Cathouse for Dogs Revisited?”