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Billionaires’ Guerrilla Musical Punks Insurance Industry

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From Agit-Pop Communications:

On friday, Agit-Pop and the Billionaires for Wealthcare carried the rising tide of support for the Public Option into the very heart of the insurance industry – in song!

In the latest Agit-Pop – Billionaires collaboration, we infiltrated the closing keynote of the AHIP insurance industry conference and serenaded their leading pollster.

The guerrilla musical, set to ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie, immediately went viral, appearing on the front page of Huffington Post, and Rachel Maddow called it “the single most unexpected turn of events yet in the fight over health reform.”

Watch the 2 min video with lyrics here:

Yesterday it hit #2 on YouTube’s most Most Popular Videos, was shown on CNN’s Situation Room last night, and even Ashton Kutcher tweeted us.  🙂

Stay tuned for more from the Billionaires and Agit-Pop!

–John, Andrew, Andy, Avery, Duncan and the whole Agit-Pop! team.

ps. a huge shoutout is owed to all (singers, lyricists, name tag hackers, grass-roots advocates, video editors, secret camerapeople, crash-pad hosters, and the lady who waived our restocking fee at the Best Buy, as well as Pollster Bill McInturf himself) who made this action possible.

Billionaires Crash Reform Rallies Nationwide

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From Andrew Boyd:

Billionaires for Wealthcare is making a splash!


The campaign for wealthcare is going nationwide! Billionaires across the country – from New York to California and dozens of places in between – stood up for their rights as profiteers and confronted a coalition of pro-reform groups in the streets.

Billionaires in New York and San Fransisco blockaded delegations from the reformers, putting their well-dressed bodies on the line in “UnitedWealth” and “BlueBlood/BlueSheilds” actions. (See pictures from the NY action here, and pictures from SF here – San Fransisco billionaires also got some attention from Jezebel)

Blue Bloods from Middle America got in on the action too – (more…)

Billionaires for Wealthcare

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From Andrew Boyd:

The latest incarnation of the “Billionaire” meme, “Billionaires for Wealthcare” struck again this weekend, as Healthcare Inc. CEOs in tuxedos and gowns “thanked” Tea-baggers for coming out for Glenn Beck’s March on Washington this past Saturday.

Tea-baggers eagerly joined in on Billionaire chants of “Bring Back Bush!” and “Fight Socialism! Abolish Medicare Now!”, but the greatest crowd pleaser (and provoker) of the day, was a stirring rendition of their original song “Let’s Save the Status Quo” sung to the tune of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and memorably captured in this piece by Rachel Maddow.

Watch as we thank our confused Tea-bagger friends for protecting ‘our’ right to deny their claims.