Billionaires’ Guerrilla Musical Punks Insurance Industry

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From Agit-Pop Communications:

On friday, Agit-Pop and the Billionaires for Wealthcare carried the rising tide of support for the Public Option into the very heart of the insurance industry – in song!

In the latest Agit-Pop – Billionaires collaboration, we infiltrated the closing keynote of the AHIP insurance industry conference and serenaded their leading pollster.

The guerrilla musical, set to ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie, immediately went viral, appearing on the front page of Huffington Post, and Rachel Maddow called it “the single most unexpected turn of events yet in the fight over health reform.”

Watch the 2 min video with lyrics here:

Yesterday it hit #2 on YouTube’s most Most Popular Videos, was shown on CNN’s Situation Room last night, and even Ashton Kutcher tweeted us.  🙂

Stay tuned for more from the Billionaires and Agit-Pop!

–John, Andrew, Andy, Avery, Duncan and the whole Agit-Pop! team.

ps. a huge shoutout is owed to all (singers, lyricists, name tag hackers, grass-roots advocates, video editors, secret camerapeople, crash-pad hosters, and the lady who waived our restocking fee at the Best Buy, as well as Pollster Bill McInturf himself) who made this action possible.