Billionaires Crash Reform Rallies Nationwide

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From Andrew Boyd:

Billionaires for Wealthcare is making a splash!


The campaign for wealthcare is going nationwide! Billionaires across the country \”“ from New York to California and dozens of places in between \”“ stood up for their rights as profiteers and confronted a coalition of pro-reform groups in the streets.

Billionaires in New York and San Fransisco blockaded delegations from the reformers, putting their well-dressed bodies on the line in \”UnitedWealth\” and \”BlueBlood/BlueSheilds\” actions. (See pictures from the NY action here, and pictures from SF here \”“ San Fransisco billionaires also got some attention from Jezebel)

Blue Bloods from Middle America got in on the action too \”“ Lawrence, Kansas Billionaires staged an action (pics here), along with our Minneapolis chapter. More to come as the presses roll \”“ and the kickbacks go out!

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