Billionaires Crash Reform Rallies Nationwide

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From Andrew Boyd:

Billionaires for Wealthcare is making a splash!


The campaign for wealthcare is going nationwide! Billionaires across the country – from New York to California and dozens of places in between – stood up for their rights as profiteers and confronted a coalition of pro-reform groups in the streets.

Billionaires in New York and San Fransisco blockaded delegations from the reformers, putting their well-dressed bodies on the line in “UnitedWealth” and “BlueBlood/BlueSheilds” actions. (See pictures from the NY action here, and pictures from SF here – San Fransisco billionaires also got some attention from Jezebel)

Blue Bloods from Middle America got in on the action too – Lawrence, Kansas Billionaires staged an action (pics here), along with our Minneapolis chapter. More to come as the presses roll – and the kickbacks go out!

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