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Yes, and I am Babe Ruth’s Daughter too…

Former Employer of Woman Who Claims Dad Was Zodiac Says She Told Him Her Dad Was John F. Kennedy
by Joe Eskenazi
May, 1 2009

deborahandkevinzodiac-200Chris Sorensen, a mortgage bank and real estate expert who says he recently employed Deborah Perez, claims the woman who on Wednesday told throngs of reporters her stepfather was the Zodiac Killer last year told him she was actually the illegitimate daughter of President John F. Kennedy.

“Long story short, she trapped me outside my office and told me she wanted me to be aware that there was going to be a lot of publicity surrounding her very, very soon,” recalls Sorensen of an early 2008 discussion with his then-employee Deborah Perez. “She said it was very confidential, but it was about to be revealed that she was the illegitimate daughter of one of the Kennedys and indicated that President Kennedy was her father and it was about to be revealed.”

Steve Huff, who’s been following this story on our sister publication, True Crime Report, notes that crime author M. William Phelps — who Perez approached last year with the revelation that her stepfather, Guy Ward Hendrickson was the Zodiac Killer — also claims Perez told him she was JFK’s daughter:

“I checked her out as much as I could and she seemed to have good standing,” Phelps told Huff. “Then she called one day and told me she was JFK’s illegitimate child and was with Robert and Rose Kennedy the day before Robert was murdered.”

Sorensen says he and Perez “parted company” about a month after her early 2008 Kennedy claim for “mutual” reasons he’d rather not disclose. He adds that in the year or so she worked for him there were no other unusual experiences — though, in the last few days, he claims many folks around town in Corona have been phoning him up and saying they, too, were told in confidence by Perez that she was JFK’s daughter.

“Who knows. Maybe it’s true,” said Sorensen, a former mayor of the city of Norco. “But I do find it interesting that she was the illegitimate daughter of John Kennedy last year and this week she’s the daughter of Zodiac.”