Travels of an Itinerant Prairie Dog

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Prank has prairie dog roaming
by Lynn Bartels
Rocky Mountain News
February 12, 2008

P-Dog MOMAThe photographs keep coming, and Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon keeps laughing.

A state Capitol prankster who kidnapped Gordon’s 2-foot fiberglass prairie dog in January regularly sends the Denver Democrat pictures of the errant critter in various locales.

Here’s the prairie dog in London, his Superman costume covered by a shirt from the the University of Michigan, Gordon’s alma mater.

There’s the dog’s paw on a champagne bottle with a cork flying. “Happy birthday, Senator Gordon! P-Dog” reads the message on the card, which arrived Feb. 6, Gordon’s 58th birthday.

There’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, holding one of their adopted kids and “P-Dog,” as the prankster has taken to calling the prairie dog.


But it’s the latest photograph, which arrived last week, that has elicited the most laughter yet from Gordon.

It’s a takeoff on Andy Warhol’s 10 Marilyns, which features colored lithographs of Marilyn Monroe. In the picture sent to Gordon, Monroe’s picture is replaced by nine shots of the prairie dog.

“P-Dog” it reads. “MOMA” – the acronym for the Museum of Modern Art.