Celebrate April Fools’ Day With a Cement Mixer

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This story is from Wireless Flash News, March 27, 2007. -DM

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) — Champagne is the drink for New Years’ Eve and the margarita is made for Cinco De Mayo, and now one mixologist hopes to make the “Cement Mixer,” the No.1 cocktail for April Fools’ Day.

San Diego-based mixologist Edwin Decker is perhaps the world’s foremost authority on the drink, which he claims is the all-time greatest prank cocktail.

It involves having your victim swig a shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme and hold it in his or her mouth while sipping some lime juice.

The end result is a curdled, sour, sponge-like goo that forms in the mouth like cement, but tastes like sour mucous.

In fact, Decker says it usually takes two beers and a tequila shot to rid the mouth of the mucous aftertaste.

Decker believes bartenders should offer the “Cement Mixer” as a drink special on April 1, because while no one ever drinks it twice, everyone who falls victim to it tries to pull the same trick on their friends.

Decker is the author of “Barzilla And Other Psalms” (Puna Press), a book of bar-inspired poetry.

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