Fakes and Forgeries: The Art of Deception

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An exhibition at the Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut, May 12, 2007 – September 9, 2007:

100_preview.jpgBruce Museum Web site:

    “For its major spring/summer exhibition, the Bruce Museum explores a subject that is exceptionally topical in today”™s art world. Fakes and Forgeries: The Art of Deception presents 60 examples of Western paintings, works on paper, sculpture and decorative arts that have been recognized as imposters, including examples of the rarest and most famous deceptive works. Themes of connoisseurship, authentication, and conservation, as well as the evolving scholarship of stylistic development will be examined in an exhibition organized by and exclusively on view at the Bruce Museum.

    Fakes and Forgeries: The Art of Deception reveals the strategies and techniques of the world”™s most successful forgers and exposes the extraordinary lengths to which they went to produce authentic-looking artworks. It also addresses techniques used to expose these deceptions, including X-ray fluorescence, pigment analysis, spectrography, dendrochronology, and carbon dating…”


Here’s a New York Times review by Grace Glueck, They Are Inauthentic, Yes, but Beautiful

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