April Fool’s 2015 Geeky Gags from the Tech Sphere (Roundup)

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It’s April Fool’s Day, and TechCrunch is sending mixed signals. Yesterday, it published a rant about timely corporate PR stunts echoing the grumpy, contrarian style of the blog’s departed founder Michael Arrington.

And yet, today, it posted a fun gallery of its industry’s most clever gags, including a steam-powered gaming console, a reddit community dedicated to remixes of the Space Jam theme, and much more.

Is it attempting to drum up controversy? Who even knows anymore!

“April Fool’s 2015: The Mega-Roundup Of The Best Gags”
By Greg Kumparak
April 1, 2015

Space Jam /r/listentothisIt”™s that time of year again! The time when a massive chunk of the tech industry drops what it”™s doing and puts all of its collective effort into getting a few laughs. As we do every year, we”™re gathering up the best/worse/most cringe-tastic efforts in one place for your perusal. We”™ll be updating this list as the day goes on, so check back in later! Read more.