Drink ‘N’ Go with Rednoze Action Spray [English & Italian]

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From Stefano Cicconardi:

You know, when Christmas comes everyone feel good, even us, ready to hoax folks and media for a good cause…drinking.

We created the Rednoze, an anti-breathalyzer medicine to fool police checks and protect your privacy when you’re drunk

A guerrilla marketing campaign by KOOK Artgency, Rome, Italy:

REDNOZE, How to Fool Breathalyzers and Hoax Media and Consumers to Avoid Drink-Driving.

An innovative strategy to interact with people who don’t drive responsibly and are always in search of shortcuts to avoid police checks. A 7-days campaign which reach more than 40,000 views and 10 millions contacts with coverage on Italian tv newscasts, newspapers, magazines, radio programs and buzz on web. The 10,7% of total consumers really wanted to buy Rednoze, a proof of how the fear of checks and measures still matters instead of their own safety.

“Protect your privacy when you are drunk”. This is the claim of the fake medicine Rednoze launched in Italy through the website www.rednoze.it to let media and young people rethink about drink-driving issue. The hoax, designed by KOOK Artgency for the non-profit organization Modavi, started before Christmas 2011 when the fake medicine was “released” on internet with a captivate pocket-size packaging and videos of successful trial stunts outside disco clubs. Rednoze was communicated as “killer product” to fool breathalyzers and to keep the inebriation. Italian media and thousands consumers quickly express outrage or enthusiastic reviews about Rednoze as a big loved and hated product. The reveal message “Don’t cut corners. Let your mind drive you” was showed at the end of the online order form.

Some media [Italian]:

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