Christopher Walken Impersonated in Natalie Wood Death Case

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From a reliable source: A sports talk radio employee, posing as Christopher Walken, fans the flames of a re-opened investigation into the 30 year old death of Natalie Wood. AP picks up the story and then kills it, claiming they were hoaxed.

First the retraction:

AP-US–Natalie Wood-Investigation, KILL,57
^BULLETIN STORY REMOVED: BC-US–Natalie Wood-Investigation
Eds: BULLETIN KILL. Do NOT use BC-US–Natalie Wood-Investigation. A kill is mandatory. The story was based on a purported interview with Christopher Walken that was a radio station hoax.

Los Angeles (AP) — The Associated Press has withdrawn the 12th and 13th Ld-Writethrus of its story about the Natalie Wood investigation. The story quoted Christopher Walken telling Washington, D.C. sports talk radio station ESPN980 about his recollections from the night that Wood died. The station now says that it was a hoax involving a station employee who was impersonating Walken.

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and here’s the story that was killed…

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Walken: Went to bed, awoke to learn of Wood death
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by Anthony McCartney
AP Entertainment Writer

Los Angeles (AP) — Actor Christopher Walken says he went to bed
on a yacht he was on with actress Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner 30
years ago and awoke to learn that she had died.

Walken tells Washington, D.C. sports talk radio station ESPN980
on Friday that there was drinking and shouting on the boat and that
then “there was tragedy.”

His comments come as Los Angeles authorities reopened the case
of Wood’s 1981 death in the waters off Southern California.

A boat captain said Friday that he lied to authorities about the
case and that Wood’s husband, Wagner, was to blame for her death.

Police said Wagner was not a suspect and that they had new
information that warranted a reopening the case.

Associated Press writer Joe White in Bethesda, Md.
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