Creative Banking with Dadara

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Submitted by Dadara, CEO and Founder, Exchanghibition Bank:

Update, November 13, 2011:

Last weekend we were the only bank in the world to pop up at Occupy. Because money itself isn’t wrong or right. It basically is nothing, just a means for communication and exchange, but somehow people want to amass that ‘nothing’ and hoard it on their virtual bank accounts. A project which questions the value(s) of Art and Money.

The Art of turning Art into Money

May 1, 2011:

Last Sunday we brought the Exchanghibition Bank to the main hall in the Central Station, including our personal bankers in their specially designed suits and of course our own security, and gave the public the opportunity to exchange their Euros into bills of Zero or One Million.

The Art of Turning Money into Art: Guerilla Banking at Central Station