Zombies Ahead!

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Pranksters warn Boulder motorists of ‘zombies ahead’ on Foothills Parkway
Daily Camera
by Vanessa Miller
March 14, 2011

Rick Barron, his wife and his sister-in-law weren’t expecting much excitement on their drive to the airport before dawn Monday, so you could imagine their surprise when they spotted an electronic road-construction sign on Boulder’s Foothills Parkway that gave an unnerving warning.

“Zombies ahead.”

“We all three just cracked up — it was very funny,” said Barron, 66, of Boulder. “We decided that we ought to be especially alert since it was 4 a.m.”

Boulder became the latest in a long list of cities hit by zombie-loving hackers early Monday when someone broke into the messaging box on a sign stationed along the shoulder of Foothills Parkway near Baseline Road and changed the message to warn of the undead. An underground group of zombie-loving pranksters has been reprogramming electronic road signs across the country for the past few years.

Some come with exclamation marks and some include additional instructions such as, “Run!” The movement even has made its way to T-shirts and mugs.

Barron and his passengers kept an eye out for the walking dead along the way to Denver International Airport, but Barron said, “I couldn’t verify that I saw any.” When he returned to Boulder about 6 a.m., Barron said, the zombie warning still glowed in orange text.

“Someone decided to create a little prank,” he said. “And it was pretty good.”

When asked about the signs, Boulder spokeswoman Jody Jacobson said, “The city has received no reports of zombies.” Read the rest of this story here.

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