Facebook Scam Preys on User’s Vanity

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‘My Total Facebook Views’ Scam Spreads On Facebook
by Bianca Bosker
The Huffington Post
January 21, 2011

A new scam that appeals to both our egos and instinct for voyeurism is spreading like wildfire on Facebook.

An app going by various names, including ProfileSpy and Pro Check, claims it will offer insight into how many people have viewed your Facebook profile if you fill out a short survey and grant the app permission to access your information.

The scam has been making its way around the social network via status updates, which include a link to the suspicious service and text that reads, “My total facebook views are: 1245 Find out your total profile views.”

From the flurry of status updates that are appearing on Facebook, it appears many are falling for the phony service.

Don’t be one of them: Not only will completing the survey fail to shed light on the number of views your profile has actually received, but doing so will reward the scammer, who is likely to earn a commission, and, as All Facebook notes, “the whole exercise exposes your profile to malware and shares your personal information with an entity that will send you more spam in the near future.”