Mysterious Black Humor Spills From Twitter

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Fake BP Twitter account remains shrouded in mystery
by Caroline McCarthy
May 27, 2010

Along the beleaguered Gulf Coast, the emergency measure known as “top kill” appears to have halted the flow of oil from a ruptured offshore BP well–but the bogus Twitter sensation known as @BPGlobalPR continues to gush out black comedy gold.

“Just got the concession call from Exxon Valdez. They were great competitors and remarkably evil about everything,” the account, which claims to be written by the British oil giant’s public relations department, tweeted shortly after the unfortunate revelation that the recent Gulf Coast disaster had surpassed the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in volume. “They want to fine us $4,300 for every barrel of oil spilled? Umm, we’re not spilling barrels, the oil is going directly into the gulf. DUH,” @BPGlobalPR asserted irreverently on Wednesday.

As the follower count of @BPGlobalPR starts to edge past 60,000 people just over one week after its inaugural tweet, the identity of the author remains completely unknown.

Read the whole article here. NOTE: See the bottom of the post for a very bizarre correction…