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MTA: Texty Subway Ads Unsuitable for Display
March 31, 2010

New York (1010 WINS) — A new subway ad campaign against fare hikes – featuring suggestive acronyms “˜WTF?”™ and “˜OMFG”™ – has been banned by the MTA.

The posters, conceived by the Working Families Party, are almost exact replicas of official service-change bulletins frequently found on subway station platforms.

According to The Daily News, Metropolitan Transit Authority officials have rejected the controversial ads because they “imply language that many riders find offensive, improper or in bad taste.”

The new ads were designed to grab riders”™ attention and put pressure directly on Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, the political party claims, was “missing in action” during the authority”™s financial crisis – which resulted in service cuts.

The Working Families Party is considering filing a lawsuit, claiming the MTA is violating their freedom of speech.