Eva and Franco Mattes Perform Live in Plymouth

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Submitted by Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.org:

I know that it’s all a state of mind
Live in Plymouth and in Second Life

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If you happen to be in England next weekend there is a good reason to come to Plymouth. Marina Abramovic is curating a performance event called “The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow” for which we are performing old and new works live at the Slaughterhouse and in Second Life, for 4 days in a row.

Last time we performed in Second Life too many people showed up (thanks!) and many could not attend the performances (sorry!) so this time we’ll try to resist each day as long as we can, luckily for 4 hours, most probably ’till we throw up on the keyboards. As always if you join us in Second Life you can participate (click the link below), if you come to Plymouth you can just watch.

Thursday Jan. 21, 6:30pm (UK time); 10:30am (Second Life time)
Friday Jan. 22, 5pm (UK time); 9am (Second Life time)
Saturday Jan. 23, 5pm (UK time); 9am (Second Life time)
Sunday Jan. 24, 2pm (UK time); 6am (Second Life time)

See you there!

Eva and Franco Mattes