Pseudo-Futurist Video Game Improvisation Extravaganza

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From Eva and Franco Mattes of 0100101110101101.ORG:

As part of PERFORMA09, the New York Biennial of performance art, we are performing a live pseudo-Futurist total improvisation extravaganza thing in Second Life. Forget about museums and galleries. On Monday stay home and play video games.

Pseudo-Futurist Video Game Improvisation Extravaganza
Live in Second Life at
Monday Nov. 16, 2009 5-6pm (EST time); 2-3pm (Second Life time)
Produced with the support of Eyebeam


Synthetic Performances are online live gaming sessions inside the virtual world of Second Life, performed by Eva and Franco Mattes through their avatars, which were constructed from their bodies and faces. The series arose out of the artists’ polemical stance toward performance art. This lead the Mattes on the one hand to breach the classic rules of performance, and on the other to present these works – the efficacy of which was based on the radical way they explored the issues of the body, violence, sexuality, identity and public space – in a context where these issues acquire completely different, paradoxical meanings.

Anyone can participate from all over the world by clicking the link above. If you don’t have a Second Life account you can sign up for free.